Is ALL vintage better? NOT Caveat Emptor

I have been around for 58 years now, and the marketing of anything old crap as better than today's gear kinda bothers me, considering that high end designs and features are often passed on to lower priced items over time, and much of today's low end equipment is vastly superior to most of what was sold in the past, and the few exceptions are well documented and raves can be found online. I know, I have owned many items I see now for sale at prices far exceeding their original retail, that would be great bargains if sold at discount, but are total ripoffs at the prices asked for now, often more than modern equipment, and (adding insult to injury) usually require expensive "mods" or "upgrades", bringing the prices up to beyond the price of equivalent modern day high and gear(!).
I was there, my brothers and sisters, and I know.
Caveat Emptor!!!!
A twist on this is a company like Cayin/VAS which takes vintage designs and uses current components to achieve 'old' sound at great prices. So, you have high reliability, great value and a strong warranty.
You cant make a silk purse of a cow's ear.