Is all this just a prelude to the Nuforce 10?

Nuforce amps represent an innovative and economical design, and they apparently just keep improving. The 9SE model is getting rave reviews. I have never heard them, but I would like to, especially in my own system. Do you users believe the 9SE represents a fully developed implementation of the design, or do you foresee a further improved (and maybe more powerful) Nuforce 10 in the near future? I see they have a newer P-9 preamp out. What I don't quite understand is why the preamp doesn't offer dual outputs, maybe with a gain matching feature, so folks could take advantage of the economical benefit of bi-amping with the Nuforce amps. My thought would be to try 4 of the 9SE's to bi-amp my speakers. Since the gain should be identical, gain matching may not be required, but dual outputs on the preamp would simplify things. Any of you guys tried these for bi-amping?
There is always the next new-and-improved product in the pipeline, regardless of the manufacturer or product.
I agree with Tvad.

It seems rare, at least to me, to see a manufacturer upgrade a product as quickly as the folks at NuForce have done with their little amplifier. I believe all models are still available to accommodate price and/or usage constraints of the customer. It seems the SE was by far the biggest upgrade. If I were them I'd be working on a balanced multichannel preamp or Home Theater processor, to include bypass, mute, monaural, and phase switches.
Tvad is right on with his post, i will be looking forward to hearing what the p-9 looks like and sounds like by who ever gives a review at CES, nuforce has said they were going to debut the p-9 a CES,
I think every manufacture likes to pick a product and throw the kitchen sink at it once in a while just to air out all their technology that is don't build to a price point. I think Nuforce is doing this with the SE...Its basically a ref 9 that has been hotrodded to the nth degree with top of the line parts, ie just like an after modder does..only in house....just my opinion.....
i guess we did not have anyone get to the nuforce room at CES to give us a update on the new p-9 pre, i understand by mid march the new p-9s will be going out to the general market, larryex7 i started with ref 9s and had them upgraded by nuforce to se and yes you are correct they added a blower to it, not in horse power but IMHO a more detailed, and musical amp, and yet still powerful enough to drive most speakers with ease, and in my system with the yellow cap cut out between speaker terminals even better in all areas,
Yes, there are new more powerful amps comming out in June of this year from Nuforce.

03-27-07: Royy
Yes, there are new more powerful amps comming out in June of this year from Nuforce.
Does this mean we have three months of internet buzz and hype ahead?