Is All The Hype About Odyssey True?

I'm in the market for a new amp and I have almost narrowed it down to 3. Musical Fidelity A3CR, Bryston 3BST, and Odyssey Stratos. My budget is $1500 MAX. After reading many reviews, value for money suggests the Statos.I'm replacing an NAD 216 and hope to get something more musical and natural sounding. The rest of my system is: Cambridge Audio D500 CDP., C.A C500 Pre and very efficient floor standing, 3-way speakers,(98db@1watt/1metre 44Hz-20KHz), IXOS Silver Gamma I.C's and MIT terminator 5 speaker cables. Looking forward to any info., advice or recommendations. Thanks in advance.
No hype...they are for real! I had used Audio Research amps for years (both ss and tube), and the Odyssey just blew them away. They are more detailed, and harmonically sounds like music, instead of a recording of music playing. To better the Odyssey's you'd have to spend $, you got quite a bargain here. Hope this helps.
Sheadlee, what ARC amps did you own? Now you have me thinking.
Try looking into a Power Modules 150A Hotrod.
I have a Bryston 4B ST and a MF A3CR. Within it's power limits the MF is a better amp. More clarity, ambience, better violins, choruses.
mapleguy: interesting description. how they handle sax and violins? -kelly
I ask a friend of mine, "Do you know where Israel is?" and he says "That new Stratos Isreal, and you Odyssey the look on my friends face when I play them."

How's that Cornfed, pretty saxey huh?
You could probably find a used McCormack DNA 0.5 Rev. A on the used market for less than $1500(and pay no tax) now that his new amps are available(saw one on this site for $1400 recently). This amp is considered to be one of the best amps at any price and is still better than his new DNA-125 as that amp incorporates approximately up to Rev. B specs. My Rev. A totally opens up my system and creates a crystal clear window on the performance--don't want to listen without it. Just another option. Best of luck.

try plinius SA100 MKII they are very well performer, AB them to krell FPB200 and hey the plinius perform as good as the krell but in different type of sound. try audition one ($1600-$2000) and believe me in this price range i dont think you will find any other amp that close to the plinius.
I agree with Sheadlee , I had several ARC amps and later two Jadis JA80 monoblocks , now I have since two months an Odyssey Stratos (reference 120.000 uF. capacitance) and i can tell you all this amp is a real miracle.
Never thought in my long Hi-Fi life it would have been possible to buy such wonderful sounding amp for 1200 USD!
When i bought it I crossed my fingers and I trusted to many Audio Review good comments about Stratos.
Now I 'll add mine as soon as possible , since what they wrote is completely true.