Is AHT still around?

Can someone please tell me whether American Hybrid Technology, the company that made my AHT DM-P phono preamp, is still in business? It's a beautiful phono preamp, the best I've owned (including a Vendetta and an EAR 834-P, among quite a few others), but it broke and I'd like to get it fixed. If AHT is kaput, I'd welcome suggestions about who else might undertake its repair.

Many thanks to any knowledgeable Audiogoner who might reply.

Tom Patton
AHT was a man named Dan Fanny. He sold, I believe, his designs to Lloyd Walker, so Walker Audio may be able to help. Possibly A-gon member Plato might be able to help as well, if he sees this.
Contact Lloyd Walker:610-666-6087.There are upgrades available through him that will elevateits' performance.