Is AES/EBU or SPDIF connection preferred by Aurender N10, N20 owners?

I'm a new owner of a used Aurender N10.  Currently I'm using a Black Cat Silverstar SPDIF/BNC cable to connect between the N10 and my DAC (Audio Aero Capitol Reference).  I'm curious if Aurender N10 or N20 owners have found connecting with AES/EBU digital cables to provide superior sound quality over comparable SPDIF digital cables.

If yes, are there any high value, giant slaying AES/EBU digital cables I should know about?

Thanks... I'll hang up and listen.



Congratulations on your purchase, the N10 is an excellent product.

Regarding your question I would say it all depends on your DAC but for PCM AES/EBU is most likely to be the best.

For DSD most DACs won't accept DSD over AES/EBU so either use DOP or USB for Native DSD.

I am using a Hi Diamond Reference AES/EBU and USB both have given good results without breaking the bank.

I have an Aurender N20 connected to a Chord Dave and have a WIreworld Platinum 8 AES/EBU and SPDIF BNC(1.5 meters on both)as well as Wireworlds newest USB cable(2 meter).   Honestly I find the AES/EBU and the BNC to be incredibly close sonically.   I guess if I had to choose it would be the AES/EBU.   The usb connection does not sound as good as either of the others.

I own the Aurender N20 Music Server with BOTH USB and AES/EBU digital outputs to my MSB Premier DAC. In all cases, I prefer the AEB/EBU connection. Based on all cases, when switching back and forth between USB and AES/EBU, I always found the AES/EBU connection to be the most musical. 

My Aurender connects to my DAC using the Shunyata Omega AES/EBU Digital 1.5 meter cable.



Forgive me for dragging you back to an old thread, but I’m looking to acquire an N20 and I was hoping that you might suggest a good AES digital cable… Thanks in advance…

I'm confronting the particular issue. Did You sort out some technique for looking out for this, expecting this is the case will you share the methodology?


No Aurender here, but have chosen AES/EBU over SPDIF and I2S. Lots of research and some advice to reach this conclusion.

Have ordered a reasonably pricey Audience AU24Sx AES/EBU cable. Love their RCA AU24Sx cable so much, have taken a chance on this.



No problem. I am using Transparent. This was one of my last choices… coming from choosing mostly Transparent for the rest of my system. In my system, I was looking for really transparent… say as opposed to a touch warm and that is whst Transparent brings. I also tried Cardas… and I think Nordost… and I don’t remember what else. But I did my research… Transparent was the winner.


That sounds like a well tested recommendation, so that is what I will get. Systems differ, but I have to start somewhere.

Thank you



👍 I agree, you have to start somewhere and this is a very good place to start. I think Transparent have been in my life for 35 years. I bought my first set of Transparent speaker cables about 35 years ago… they sounded terrible. Not because they were terrible but because my largely solid state system with planar speakers was too revealing… very solid state sounding. When I pulled them out of the closet 20 years later and put them in my incredibly better system… they were simply stunning. I realized from the beginning they were fantastic cables… it was just that my system was not. I quickly upgraded my Transparent to contemporary… wow, what an improvement.

I'm especially stayed aware of the article and I will get many benefits from it. Subsequently, thank you for sharing it.