Is AES/EBU or SPDIF connection preferred by Aurender N10, N20 owners?

I'm a new owner of a used Aurender N10.  Currently I'm using a Black Cat Silverstar SPDIF/BNC cable to connect between the N10 and my DAC (Audio Aero Capitol Reference).  I'm curious if Aurender N10 or N20 owners have found connecting with AES/EBU digital cables to provide superior sound quality over comparable SPDIF digital cables.

If yes, are there any high value, giant slaying AES/EBU digital cables I should know about?

Thanks... I'll hang up and listen.



Congratulations on your purchase, the N10 is an excellent product.

Regarding your question I would say it all depends on your DAC but for PCM AES/EBU is most likely to be the best.

For DSD most DACs won't accept DSD over AES/EBU so either use DOP or USB for Native DSD.

I am using a Hi Diamond Reference AES/EBU and USB both have given good results without breaking the bank.

I have an Aurender N20 connected to a Chord Dave and have a WIreworld Platinum 8 AES/EBU and SPDIF BNC(1.5 meters on both)as well as Wireworlds newest USB cable(2 meter).   Honestly I find the AES/EBU and the BNC to be incredibly close sonically.   I guess if I had to choose it would be the AES/EBU.   The usb connection does not sound as good as either of the others.

I own the Aurender N20 Music Server with BOTH USB and AES/EBU digital outputs to my MSB Premier DAC. In all cases, I prefer the AEB/EBU connection. Based on all cases, when switching back and forth between USB and AES/EBU, I always found the AES/EBU connection to be the most musical. 

My Aurender connects to my DAC using the Shunyata Omega AES/EBU Digital 1.5 meter cable.