Is AES/EBU digital cable/connection all that?

In my current digital front end (transport,dac)I have the option of AES/EBU or regular single ended(RCA)digital coax. The digital cables I own are all single ended(Green Hornet and Illuminations D60 cables).Would it be worth the cost to upgrade to AES/EBU cable? Thanks,gixerman
In my experience (knowing that others have had different experiences), in comparing exactly matching cables, for me the answer way Yes!.
This will probably system dependent. In my own system I have compared AES/EBU to BNC terminated SPDIF cable of the same brand and I prefer the balanced AES/EBU. I have also read others who prefer the SPDIF. I would suggest you try both, if you can borrow a cable to try out, and then decide.
Very dependent upon transport/DAC combination. I've had both terminations work best in different setups. In my experience AES/EBU cables have a little more air and/or warmth in mids and bass, this added air/warmth has been problematic in one setup as it caused a bit of bass boom.
The transmission and receiver chips are different for AES/EBU and S/PDIF. That is the reason for the same transport and d/a combination usually sounding a bit different with AES/EBU and S/PDIF. You'll need to try both interations to determine which is best in your system.
See if you can borrow an AES/EBU cable to test it out. At the very least pick up the cable used so you can just flip it if you don't like the sound. If you don't try it you'll always be wondering, but it's certainly not gauranteed to be better than the RCA cables that you have now.
yes it is... and a bag of chips!!
I want to thank you all for your responses.The transport I am using is a Theta Data Basic 2,and the dac is A MSB Full Nelson With P1000 power supply.I am running with single ended cables (rca). Thanks,gixerman
I definately prefer the AES/EBU connection to the single-ended (RCA).
I do realize every thing is system dependent and personally dependent upon ones own preference.I would like to know what have you tried. (I mated this with that and I thought) What did you like better than what?And why did you prefer one to the other? Thanks,Gixerman
Yes. Surprisingly better.
i have a cal alpha/delta combination and prefer ever so slightly an rca over a balanced.

i am looking for an original, stiff illuminati singled ended
tried it with same cable (longer length though ) in a completely balanced system-pretty much dual differential all through.

the aes/bu was better-more body, better imaging, air etc... i really try to keep the same termination consistant through the digital chain....