Is Accuphase E450 and Dynaudio C1 a good match?

Looking for a new integrated for my Dynaudio C1. CDP is an Accuphase. Thanks
I use an older Jeff Rowland Concentra II which is superb with my C1s and an Accuphase 500 CD player, if you can find one.
I'm not familiar with accuphase but reading the specs it should be fine. I have learned over the years specs don't mean much regarding how something sounds. I recently replaced my Bryston B100 for an Octave V70Se tube integrated and my C1's sound so much better. Best if you can either bring your speakers in for a demo or better yet ask for an in-home demo and that way you will know for sure.
Forgot to mention that Dynaudio is the North American distributor for Octave products. I got my V70Se just before the RMAF and Dynaudio had a V70Se set up with the C1's and Wadia cdp.
I'm tempted to try tube amp with Dynaudio C1. I can buy Octave V70 (not SE version) or Mastersound Compact 845 at the same price. I can't find much info about Mastersoud though. My italian is poor so the manufacturer website doesn't help either.
I think it is good. I try to use E-450 for C1. But my listening area is around 100 feet in Hong Kong. I recent month, I have chaaged my amp fr e450 to e560 for jmr-offerande superume.
Try rather the ASR Emitter II, this german amplifier beats IMO any Accuphase integrated.
BAT 300xSE was the best integrated I tried on them.