Is Accuphase E-560 a good match for Thiel CS 3.7?

I am looking for some integrated amp for Thiel CS 3.7, and I am wondering if Accuphase E-560 is a good match for it? How about Accuphase E-450? If they are not good, what else integrated amp is good for Thiel 3.7? Right now, I am also thinking about to choose a CD player. Is Ayre C-7xe a good match for Thiel 3.7? or can you recommend something else? BTW, can you recommend some cables? Thank you in advance.
I would guess anything over 100 wpc would work fine. I have heard them with a Simaudio i-7 and it was excellent. The C-7xe is a little underpowered for that speaker imo.
Forget the Ayre A7xe,you need more power,cables are not my bag,best of luck,Bob
Sorry,Im cross eyed today,The Accuphase intergrateds you mention will be very good.The more powerful one will fit Thiel best.The Ayre CD players are excellent.It would be a great stereo.I cant comment but I guess I will throw Anti-cables out there.They work fine in my system and many others,good luck,Bob
Accuphase is pure class A 30 W× 2 ch (8Ω). Is it powerful enough to drive Thiel CS 3.7?
Great amp, great speaker, bad match IMHO, that is just not the right amount of power for the 3.7, as Mmike84 says, I would think you need 100w minimum, and if you want Class A, that is going to cost $$$$.
The E560 Class A -30 is more powerful sounding than the E450 180w class a/b accuphase integrated.
I think in a relatively small to medium size room it should be able to drive the Thiels.
The sound of the E560 is very good, one of the best I heard.
Good luck!
Concur with Pubul57 about power.You still need to tighten up the room,speaker,amp relation.Those amps will work in a smaller room with that speaker only and in any room it requires all you can give it.For instance a ML 27 would be a minimum start.A ML 23 would be better.These are 80's amps of course.Just using as example.Come back with more info for us,thanks,Bob
Example:There were 2 Accuphase A50's here.These are perfect for those 3.7's IMHO.Cheers,Bob
Start with an amp capable of 200 Watts into 4 Ohms.
Yes, it is not that the E-560 won't sound very good with the Thiels, it will and as a Class A amp it will sound like more watts than a similar Class A/B wattage rating, this is certainly true with the Pass Class A gear, but it is not an endgame amp with the Thiels, you will from time to time hear the limitations of the low power rating, especially with complex music with strong dynamic swings. It will sound wonderful most of the time, but not all of the time, through no fault of the amp's quality, but the Theils really don't come into their own with out more power and current capability, so if you want the best from your Thiels, I think you have to find another similarly fine amp, but with the power the Thiels demand to perform their best. Do note that Theil recommends a minimum of 100 watts and up, if you could get away with 30 watts, they would love to tell you that as it increases the number of suitable amps, but I would take them at their word, they know their speaker (very well).
Excellent discussion guys-

The CS 3.7 is a beast- it craves high current, let alone, high power as well.
Is anyone using an Accuphase/Thiel combo?  Happy Listening!