Is a subwoofer 'overkill?'

i just bought a subwoofer hereabouts. The deal want well and i hooked it up. i can certainly 'hear' it. My wife is agast.

Yes, even at the lowest settings it sounds a bit loud.

Thoughts. Should I save it for movies? Turn it off when she gets home?

Note; This is a woman who can hear changes I make when I roll my tubes, better than I can. She know even when I don't tell her.

Bummer: the wife has zero appreciation of high-end audio, but hears better than me.

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You may be exciting room resonances that were not evident before. If the SW does not have its own equalization circuitry try a Behringer DEQ2496. The RS meter and Rives CD will set you back about $100. For $350 or less the Behringer will do a better and much easier job of showing you what your problem is, and after that it will fix the problems, which the RS meter will not do.