Is a Sonic Frontier Power 2 a "differential amp"

I googled this concept about differential amps and can't find aa answer. Is a Sonic Frontier Power 2 a differential amp?
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I believe it is a differential amp. However, you should try contacting Chris Johnson of Parts Connexion. Here is the president of Parts Connexion and he also ran Sonic Frontiers, he still does mods and repairs on SF gear.
Can't tell you about the design. But it was one of the worst sounding amps I ever owned.

I agree with Shakeydeal
This review in Stereophile states that it is a fully balanced (differential) design.
Shakeydeal is out of line. I researched his thread history and he mentions that every amp he used sounded better, but never mentioned other electronics, etc. that would have an effect on the synergy of the sound.
What did you have in mind for the amp? I've heard it many times back when it was in production. Its very well made. Weather its the right amp for you really depends what you like and how you will use it.

I can tell you this. The Power 2 had an overwhelming midbass
bloat that was not there with the same speakers with at
least two other amps. One being the SS Mcormack DNA-1 Delux
monoblocks and the other being the tube Music Reference RM9.

Same speakers, same room, same associated electronics.

Nuff said.


BTW, I researched YOUR posts as well. Looks like I touched a
nerve with a SF Power 2 owner, LOL.
The same gear is why I say you may not of had the synergy with the Sonic Frontier amp. It's that simple. I'm running a Meridian cd, Sonic Frontier Line 3 SE and Sonic Frontier Power 2 with upgraded tubes etc. with Audience cables into Harbeth speakers and think I'm in audio heaven. My initial post was because I have a Rel Strata iii hooked up by the specs from rel and was curious if this was correct because my research suggested I should have a hum coming from the sub if the amp was a differential and that the black wire fed to the left negative speaker location of the amp. This is how it was set up with no hum.
If you like it, that's all that matters. It sucked in my system.

Just sayin......

Chris Johnson responded by email, as he's done numerous times in communication exchanges, that the Sonic Frontier amp is a fully differential amp.