Is a Quad 44/ 405-2 amp tube sounding?


I have never use tube before but was thinking of pairing one to my Fostex speakers. Currrently they are powered by the Quads. Are they tube sounding in that respect? In that they would sound close to a tube amp of the price range of $300-$500..? Don't want to spend that amount on a tube amp to find that they sound similar to the Quads.

I have heard tube amps costing much more than what my entry budget is and they are really good. So any advise would be greatly appreciated!!


Welcome to AudiogoN! One of the great benefits of this site is that you can buy a used product for a good price, try it in your own system for a while and re-sell it if you don't love it. I've done this often and typically it only cost me shipping cost or a few dollars in price errosion. It is a great way of trying different equipment without spending a fortune.

I don't have any recent experience with Quad amps, so I can't answer your original question. However, I have lots of experience with buying/trying/re-selling on AudiogoN and I have a lot of experience with budget tube amps. Maybe you could tell us a little about your speakers (design, efficiency, etc) and someone can suggest some tube amps that you may want to try.


Thanks for the revert. My speakers are a Tekton Fostex 6" full range bookshelf speaker (rather large one). I have not fully burn in my speakers yet (probably about 15 hours of usage) which may be the reason why the music is a bit glaring...

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Nothing could be less tube sounding.Raanan
P.S. I have had a few 405-2s and many many tube amps.
No, not in the least. Try an Audio Refinement integrated for around the same money for a tubier sound, or maybe real tube gear.
Thanks for the replies. Needed to be sure that the Quads are different from real tubes before I spend the $$. Will start looking out for tube gears!