Is a pure sine wave UPS the best power treatment ?

Having read about the benefits of power conditioning, I have to ask why dual conversion UPS are not used more often? If one was to get a sufficiently powered model, say 3000watts upwards, this should be enough to satisfy all but the most power hungry systems out there. Surely generating "clean" power would be better than any device trying to work with the existing incoming power and trying to modify it. Am I missing something?.
Nope, anything is possible. Best line of action is dedicated lines first. Mathematical theory flies out the window when high-end audio walks through the door. Its funny and sad at the same time. You may have 1000 technical papers showing you one thing, vs. simpleton concoctions selling like hot cakes. Knowledge is power I say.
There certainly isn't harm from using a pure/clean sinewave, the PS Audio Powerplants generate an essentially pure sine wave, but as Aerosans points out high end audio is full of "interesting" theorys. Many of them seem like nonsense but many folks think they work. You are the ultimate judge if it works in your system. With respect to your suggestion for a 3000 watt power supply, that would require a 240 VAC line to generate that much power and account for the inefficiency of regenerating the power. Sure sounds like a good idea but anything powered by a 240 VAC source is pretty unusual in high end audio.
Thanks for the replies thusfar. I live in Australia where our voltage is 230 Volts.. I guess I am trying to work out how a audiophile product that just "conditions" incoming power can be superior to a device that generate its own power , supposedly a "pure sine wave". Of course, the audiophile power treatment is significantly higher in cost to the "online" UPS available out there, hence my question.
I use a 1500 VA Cypber Power Pure-Sine UPS for my system ( 400W/ch + plasma TV) and it's more than enough even for watching big-bang movies. As for music only, there's plenty ample power for all of the dynamic range you could ask for, and I do find that components plugged into the UPS have a better sound vs when they're not...makes the music come to life much more. As for judging whether my $350.00 UPS is as "good" as $2,000.00 "Audiophile" power conditioner do-hickey, well, that I can't say. I do know my UPS does not come in a fancy brushed-aluminum case nor is it advertised in EVERY high-end audio mag/website/whatever, so I don't suppose it can possibly be as good...right? ;0)