Is a PTP Solid 12 (Lenco) worthy of a $5k cartridge

Calling audiophiles who have heard these PTP modified Lenco GL75. It looks like a neat modification/restoration. But can they be considered as a serious front-end worthy of a $5k cartridge and $10k phonostage ?

There is a lot of fan following for vintage idler drives, especially those which are updated and modified with the latest components but I seldom see people using top quality ancillaries with these turntables. I have been going through a lot of posts on forums and youtube videos related to these TTs. Almost every time I see these paired with some Denon 103 variants or sometimes an SPU. I am fancying to put a high quality Dynavector/ZYX/Benz/Transfiguration on it. Will it make sense ?

My best advice would be to consult Bob Wood’s Channel on You Tube.
These are downloads which allow the virtual perception of a PTP Solid12 through your own system with a variety of upmarket MCs and MIs. Easier than uprooting your Solid12 and taking it to a dealer who could demo it through their own systems.

For sure the low-ish bit rate of YT is not perfect by any means but it will give you a real flavour of the Solid12 in *your* system (assuming you have an android box hooked up to it?). A lot of BD players are useful in this regard as they have integral internet capability.

Bob also has a mouth-watering collection of T/Ts. He posts what are easily the best constructed hi-if videos on YouTube not to mention SQ.
His latest Yamaha linear tracker is a thing of beauty. Crisp modern lines but vintage! (Think Bergman Sindre...)
Looks like it was just unveiled at a recent hi-if exhibition! ;)

Hi, I have seen a few videos of Bob Wood's TT on youtube. They are okay. He also uses an SPU and couple of other vintage MMs. I am looking for opinion on whether a serious front end consisting of something like Ortofon Anna or Lyra Atlas on a PTP Solid 12 would make sense or is the table simply not ready for that kind of cartridges.

I know that people who use Jean Nantais Reference lencos use top cartridges on it. Arthur Salvatore is a good example. But PTP is a relatively lower cost build so many buyers probably dont even think of spending a lot on cart.
Hi Pani,
I had a feeling you’d be familiar with Bob’s work but I had to ask. ;)
All the best :)
I have a heavely tweaked lenco with massive aluminium plinth ,two platters,with ptp4 kit made by the builder of the PTP. Total weight 160 lb. I have an OL conqueror mk II arm with Benz LP S and enjoy it a lot.
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