Is a Power Wedge 116 any good?

I have an old Power Wedge 116 conditioner (1996), and it's the the MK2 with the removeable power cable. I was thinking about upgrading the stock cable with a good modern one.

Will such a combo give me decent results?
I have the 116, love it, sent it back to the factory to have it upgraded with all current stuff including their trick electrical cable and plug. Cost 450.00 to mod it. It is a fine piece.
After 30 years, I have found that power cable have given me the least sonic improvements in terms of relative value than almost any other upgrades and results are highly variable. I think there's probably something else that will give you more bang for the buck. Look at my system - I've changed everything.

I've never owned an API 116. I did own an API power wedge product and sold it so fast I don't even remember what it was. Maybe my power lines are cleaner than yours?

See what other feedback you get here. Is this really the only upgrade idea on your list?

Good luck.

Thanks Shinytoys, I'll check out the mod.

Barrysandy - Regarding that's not all, I'm replacing my analog front end. I want to protect my investment and have clean power without sacrifice...actually clean power and improved sound go hand-in-hand if you get it right. There's a lot of power solutions that get it wrong. Trying to avoid that.

I've been asleep while the what's-new-in-audio has been passing me by, because I don't stay in touch until I'm ready to upgrade again. For me, that's every ten to twenty years.

After spending my budget on my new front end, I'm just wondering if my Power Wedge 116 is okay and will improve with a decent power least not detract from the sound.
The PW 116 was a good power filter in its day, but has been surpassed by many of the newer products. I had a PW 116 MkII, then upgraded to the Ultra series and now I run a PS Audio power regenerator on my front end only. My mono tubes amps get fed directly from dedciated lines.

I found that most isolation transformer based power filter to be current limiting and rolls off the high frquency extension, thus eliminating much of the music's air.
By coincidence, I spoke to PS Audio today regarding the Soloist in-wall conditioner. I'm pushing my cabinet against the wall and don't want a big conditioner on the floor. I also don't have a spare shelf on the cabinet. They suggested their Juice Bar (protection strip) with a good power cord plugged into the Soloist. I already have a dedicated circuit that could feed the Soloist.
Not only do I have the 116 that was updated 1 year ago, I have a 112 and 2 APC 1's, all in the same system.
The gear is super, and my system is expansive. I have Krell electronics, front end, Maggie 3.6 planars, the APC stuff works.
APC is really no longer doing much in the home gear world. They have moved on to much larger installations in much larger applications. The upgrades they provided for me were military and hospital grade spec.

Is it true that PS audio makes better, more progressive, more updated gear, maybe. But at what cost?
Last time I checked the piece I would have to purchase to start replacing my gear had a retail price of 2 grand. That only handles one side of the equation for me. The original APC gear was very good. It can be updated and made very competitive in terms of performance and you can still stomp on the dollar invested issue.
Thanks, most don't know very much about APC. It has served me well but I'm trying to take the footprint from the floor to the wall. Not much out there for this application.
PS Audio has some nice products. Ideally, I wish their Soloist in-wall conditioner had more outlets. They're offering a special edition model right now for $249.

I can then get a PS Audio Juice Bar, add a decent power cord to it, and plug it into the Soloist.