Is a Ortofon Black a step down from a Pickering XSV 3000

I currently use a Pickering XSV3000 cartridge with original stylus.  Sounds pretty good.  I do not hear many modern cartridges that sound like this one.  Is the Ortofon Black a considerable step back from this cartridge?
@dover , I agree fully on the Hana's and the AT.

 My approach now to cartridges is different. When I have a bunch of them I always wind up listening to the one I like best and the others languish. I sold the lot and only keep one extra as a back up. I'd rather not have a lot of money sitting in cartridges I do not use. Now I patiently wait for a cartridge I am pretty sure will make an improvement buy that and sell the back up. I used the extra money to buy a new turntable:-)
In my opinion the closest to the sweet sound of the best Stanton & Pickering cartridges is Pioneer PC-1000 mkII with Beryllium cantilever. 
unfortunately, many of these cartridges are just not available any longer.
I own 2 of the Pioneer PC-1000 carts that @chakster is so fond of. Listening to one of them now. Quickly became a favorite. Other is NOS in the vault. Beryllium!