Is a Ortofon Black a step down from a Pickering XSV 3000

I currently use a Pickering XSV3000 cartridge with original stylus.  Sounds pretty good.  I do not hear many modern cartridges that sound like this one.  Is the Ortofon Black a considerable step back from this cartridge?
ll I have to say is I have listened to a lot of cartridges in my day and the Pickering XSV 3000 is still on my table.  To me, that says a lot.  Its why I started this thread.  I know the Ortofon Black is a very well known MM cartridge and I have heard it a few times.  It does not have the same smooth sound of the Pickering.  In fact, the Pickering does remind me more of Koetsu cartridge sound than the Ortofon.  I remember the Ortofon Black being a very detailed MM cartridge.  Thats what I remember.  Other than MC cartridges, what cartridge can compare for the money?  Thats the question.  maybe the Hana?
If you like what you have, stick with it.
Just make sure you buy a lot of styli for it since older styli gets more & more difficult to find.
Sounds like you should just find the best stylus replacement you can for the Pickering - worthwhile even it ends up as a backup.

I'm personally not impressed by the Hana's - if I was going budget I really like the Audiiotechnica AT33PTG - a friend ran it on his TW Acustik Raven/Helius combo and it was very musical. I prefer the microcline/microscanner stylus profile to the shibata - its very transparent, but the shibata can be a little brittle in some instances.
I would back this cartridge over the Ortofon Black any time.

To give you context my main go to cartridges include Dynavector Nova 13D (with custom Dynavector rebuild), Ikeda kiwame, Koetsu Black and I can listen to the AT33PTG and be perfectly happy.

With my Nagaoka MM its great but it just doesn't engage me. 
@dover , I agree fully on the Hana's and the AT.

 My approach now to cartridges is different. When I have a bunch of them I always wind up listening to the one I like best and the others languish. I sold the lot and only keep one extra as a back up. I'd rather not have a lot of money sitting in cartridges I do not use. Now I patiently wait for a cartridge I am pretty sure will make an improvement buy that and sell the back up. I used the extra money to buy a new turntable:-)
In my opinion the closest to the sweet sound of the best Stanton & Pickering cartridges is Pioneer PC-1000 mkII with Beryllium cantilever.