Is a Ortofon Black a step down from a Pickering XSV 3000

I currently use a Pickering XSV3000 cartridge with original stylus.  Sounds pretty good.  I do not hear many modern cartridges that sound like this one.  Is the Ortofon Black a considerable step back from this cartridge?
Dear Chakster, Evidently you really do not understand the connotations of the word "fake" as we use it here.  Or else it means something slightly different in Russian.  LP Gear sell a stylus assembly as a replacement for the original Stereohedron that fits the Pickering cartridges and includes an aluminum cantilever terminated with a press-fitted Shibata stylus.  Their ad copy very clearly describes what they are selling.  Yes, it is not an OEM stylus; they tell you that.  No, it is not fake in any way.  It is up to the buyer to decide if he or she wants to settle for what LP Gear offers or to search on-line for a true OEM replacement stylus for much more money.  Nothing wrong with either solution if your stylus is broken or worn out.  We are lucky to have LP Gear and companies like them in this crazy hobby.  I don't agree with Mijostyn that new is always better.  Sometimes, maybe. And I certainly don't hold with Clearaudio MM cartridges as sterling examples of MM cartridges that can compete with the best of the oldies. 
I can say that a good cartridge is a good cartridge i would suggest finding a good dealer that you can try different cartridges with and see what you do and dont like it will take some time and effort but the reward will be much greater than wondering.
NOW, but you guys always referring to your faulty memories from the 70's, 80's. How can you even remember the sound of a cartridge you tried about 40 years ago ??
Well, their memories are probably more reliable than taking advice from someone promoting vintage cartridges on audiogon who conicidentally happens to have a business buying clapped out vintage cartridges from Japan and reselling them on eBay etc.

ll I have to say is I have listened to a lot of cartridges in my day and the Pickering XSV 3000 is still on my table.  To me, that says a lot.  Its why I started this thread.  I know the Ortofon Black is a very well known MM cartridge and I have heard it a few times.  It does not have the same smooth sound of the Pickering.  In fact, the Pickering does remind me more of Koetsu cartridge sound than the Ortofon.  I remember the Ortofon Black being a very detailed MM cartridge.  Thats what I remember.  Other than MC cartridges, what cartridge can compare for the money?  Thats the question.  maybe the Hana?
If you like what you have, stick with it.
Just make sure you buy a lot of styli for it since older styli gets more & more difficult to find.