Is a Linn Sondek LP12/Lingo/Ekos with a Cirkus update, the last turntable I’ll ever buy?

Opinions, experiences, cartridges and preamps used?
If money is not an issue, buy it and let your Linn guy set it up in your house for you.  This will probably cost you a couple hundred for the setup, and you might need some new springs, grommets  and a belt, which are not overly expensive, BTW.  It seems to me you want go get the Linn thing out of your system to see why it has remained so relatively popular over the years.  If that's the case, go for it.  When well set up, it has a really nice sound that many people love. I was curious about the same thing and I owned and loved it for several years.  
Linns can sound great if set up properly.  I would look into setup and getting that set up jig if you are serious.  
Yes, it will be the last you ever buy — if you never listen to any of the better tables you could buy.
I'm interested in the tables that I could get for $2400.00 that would sound better. That is why I started this thread is suggestions... bring them on!
I appreciate your suggestions