Is a LCD Rear Projection considered Digital Unit ?

I am rearranging my components with Isolation Transformers.
I know my CD player is digital , but is my LCD Rear Projection considered a Digital Unit?
I have my Plasma TV on my analog stuff.
Partly because the TV is NOT ON when the two channel stuff is being played.
So that is MY reasoning.
On the other hand, the TV DOES include digital DAC stuff and digital picture stuff.
So in a sense the modern TV IS a digital product. and not a pure analog product.

But as i wrote, I never have the TV ON, when I am playing two channel music.
I have all my audio analog stuff on my Furman REF 20i conditioner. AND the TV and receiver and DVD stuff on it too. (Since the visual stuf is never on when I play music.)
Also the two channel amp, and preamp etc.
Then all my two channel digital stuff is on another power conditioner, a PS Audio P-600.
Thank you Elizabeth for your comments. I am leaning towards calling it a digital unit. This is because of all the Video digital signals running to it.
And sometimes, I watch sports with the sound off while listening to music.
Whomever first 'invented' watching sports with the sound off, and music on, should be given a statue in their honor.

And all those sports announcers should take the hint and chill a little..
That's right! Yeah!
Most of the sports announcers are annoying as heck and take away the enjoyment of just watching the game.
When we go to the stadium we don't need all that color commentary to keep track of whats happening during the game.
Sorry for going off topic, but I find many of the foreign sportscasters much more enjoyable. They actually take time to breathe, without feeling the need to fill every second with sound. I wouldn't mind the endless banter of most US talking heads if they actually called the game as play by play, so that I could leave the room for whatever reasons might pop up. Please take note Olympic announcers: I really, really don't care about the personal lives of the athletes, show the actual sports, not personal interest stories.