Is a Krell Standard upgraded to MKIII reliable

I'm fully aware of the problems that plagued the MKI and MKII.I'm not aware of the record of the MKIII but would a MKII that was upgraded to a MKIII be a reliable choice? They sure sound good.
I purchased a Krell SACD Standard MKIII last year, and it has been working like a dream - the new Transport is fast and quiet - the new Display reflects the Disc Title, Artist and Track Title on SACDs, which is a nice feature. A great sounding & nice looking Disc Player that I found to be among the best in its price range ($6K). An SACD Standard upgraded to MKIII, is identical to new one, from what I understand.
Hi Tusa,
How many hours do you have on the cdp? Is yours a MKIII or a unit brought up to MKIII standards?
Do a search on this subject. There are a couple treads that talk about this issue with the SACD Std. MK3 (III). Personally, since I had my unit upgraded last year it's been working with no problems at all... And sounds a LOT better than the Mk2 (II).
I had many problems with my Mark II and sent it to Krell twice for service. The problems continued so I called Krell and complained. I was given a return authorization to return the player for Mark III upgrade.
The upgrade took six weeks,but it was worth the wait.
Montejay - I've had my MKIII since last October - so it is well broken-in by now. It was a MKII Unit upgraded to MKIII specs. The Krell Evolution Players also use this Transport, they've been out for a couple of years now and have also proven to be very reliable.
Thanks Tusa
As you already aware,I'm a little scared regarding the reliability but love the way it sounds. How does the MKIII compare sonically to the II? It is supposed to be better, any thoughts?
Stereophile magazine gave the MKI model an A+ rating, the MKII & MKIII models have also received excellent reviews - it is well known that the MKIII is the best of the Standards by a good margin. As far as Krell's Customer Support/Service is concerned, as a long-time Customer, it has been among the best that I have experience.