Is a HO MC Cartridge not a good match with 101 db?

I have spent a lot of time and money into trying to put together a good system.

I have a V.P.I Scout with a Benz HO MC Cartridge, a Juicy Music Tercel and a LM 518ia ,with Zu Definition 3 speakers.

I bought the scout with the cartridge off of here and assumed they are a good match, but I was hearing a great deal of static and it wasn't going away with cleaning or anything else I tried.

I was about to just give up on vinyl when I tried a older pioneer and the static almost disappeared and everything just sounds more real and vibrant.

I'm guessing maybe the ho cartridge with 101db speakers may not be a good combo?
i understand that it has nothing to do with it, must be my phono pre is not a good match
Phono preamps in proper working order do not cause "static", nor will a mismatch between phono stage and cartridge output cause such a phenom. If this is the same phono stage you are using with the Pioneer, that suggests there is nothing wrong with your phono preamp. I wish I could hear what you are calling "static". Can you describe the problem in more detail?

For goodness sakes, don't give up on the whole vinyl medium just because there is some sort of distortion in this particular set-up.
If the Tercel has the optional LOMC input installed, and if you are connecting to that input instead of the MM input, that would probably account for the symptoms you appear to be describing. Chances are the HO cartridge would overload the LOMC input.

-- Al
I will try to explain it,the sound is similar to what you hear when you first put a record on the crackles and pops but it continues thru the whole record in the background of the music. Also it gets to a point sometimes to where it sounds static like when dirt builds up on the needle,but the needle is clean and doesn't have any build up on it.

I am beginning to think it may be the cartridge and not the phono pre.I had it set up professionally and Mr. Merrill looked at it and tested it on his equipment,but didn't listen to music.He said the needle looked fine and tested well.

The tercel does not have the cream option so thats not a possibility. thanks for your help.