Is a Grace F9-L stylus usable on a F9-E cartridge?

Have a chance to get a NOS Grace F9-L stylus. Would it be usable on my current F9-E cartridge? Are the bodies identical with only the stylus differing? An answer to this weighty question would be much appreciated. My thanks in advance.
The Grace F9 series cartridge BODY is the same. The different stylii have different shaped tips. The "E" was elliptical and the "L" is an Elliptical (0.2 x 0.8mil) Vital contact. You can use any F9 stylus with the F9 body.
Actually, MoFi, I believe that may not be true, surprisingly. From "Sumiko Reports" Volume 1 No. 5 dated June, 1980, in an article entitled "Improved F-9L and F-9E Cartridges Add New Eminence to the Grace Family":

Thus, to answer to the varied needs of the studio, all Grace styli (except the L) will fit on the same F-9 body.

-- Al
If you read the info from the Cartridge Database, it sure looks like the stylii will fit any of the F9 bodys. It lists the "L" with all the others? If not, I stand corrected...
Thanks folks. Might as well get the stylus and try it. If it works that saves a re-tip, if not I spend the next few years looking for the right body. It'll keep me off the streets and out of trouble. A win-win situation.