Is a GAn amp worth the switch?

I’m currently a happy owner of a Peachtree Nova500 integrated amp powering a pair of Magnepan 1.7s and streaming mostly using Qobuz through a Bluesound Node. All the hoopla about GAn transistors has me interested in the Peachtree GAN 400 amplifier and wondering about a preamp.

I’ve heard good things about the Schitt Freya S, including the price. I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations or opinions about my choices?


I am listening to the LRS+ and the PeachTree GAN400 as I type this. The GAN400 has a bit of hardness on the top that is not evident in a much more expensive amp I tried with LRS+. However, I can say that the PeachTree GAN1 is much better on the LRS+ and other speakers and almost rivals a system that cost 10x more. I only got to that conclusion after I got it modded for $500 by You can only stream to it and the Bluesnode is a recommended streaming device for it. I have a better fibre streamer.

I owned the NOVA 150 for a few years and did not like it that much, but it made sense to use it until circumstances changed. The GAN1 and the GAN400 are much better than the NOVA 150. Though the weakness in the NOVA is the preamp part and not the amp (I tested this out).

I also owned the Freya+ and that tube warmth may work nicely with the slight harness of the GAN400. You have a 30-day home trial to test it out.


I just saw a review of the Freya S vs. Freya +. The S is supposed to have some hardness on the top, so it doesn't sound like a good match with the GAN400 that exhibits this trait too.

I paired up a GaN 400 with a Rogue RP-1 preamp to very nice results. Didn't hear the usual class D issues (treble hardness, etc.). Switched the stock output tubes in the Rogue to Gold Lions and was rewarded with more detail and instrument separation and a smoother top end.

I've been using an Orchard Audio Ultra Amplifier for going on 2 years now with no issues sonically or reliability wise. GaN FET is where things are going as traditional high power MosFet type device are becoming depleted with many companies no longer manufacturing certain part #'s anymore. 

When implemented correctly, they can sound as good as Class A, Class AB, SOME,,,NOT ALL Tube designs. The market is getting crowded as more high profile manufacturers are either looking or already developing/selling GaN FET Amplification.

As the other GaN FET forums here have outlined. Out of the box, they sound amazing. With some next level Audiophile tweaks (signal path Capacitors, signal path wiring, and even binding posts/XLR/RCA connections of a higher grade than the stock offerings. 

They can become something special at a huge weight savings. Switching or Traditional Power Supplies. One works just as good as the other. Pick you weight class !

It’s only a different type of high speed transistor , GAN there is far more to it then that in the design ,it’s a good selling point ,plan on spending over $4k or more 

less then 25% of the actual cost goes into the build . I owned a Audio dealership 

and know from speaking with engineers ,I have seen Wild claims of 10 x mark up 

possibly with some brand Audio clables , but not normally with Electronics 

4-1 ratio is a average ,but not set in store.