Is a Denon 5803 too much for B&W CDM 1NT's?

I have just recently really taken up getting into my system. Over the last few months I have been through a whole bunch of different equiptment some of which I really have liked and others I haven't. My question is, I now am running B&W CDM-1NT's as my mains along with a M&K subwoofer. I have been using a Denon 4802R for the last two years with no problems what-so-ever. I recently purchased a Denon 5803 to give it a shot. I figued that it has some of the features that the 4802 doesn't have, which I might enjoy....But is this too much power for the cdm's? They have a raiting of 120 watts, while the denon 5803 puts out a whole 170 watts. Is this just going to give me more headroom, or should I really worry about damaging the speakers.

Thanks for any assistance you can give. I will appreciate anything you can offer. I have been looking for information regarding this topic on the forum, but have not found anything that really addresses this specific question.

Seek harder and you will find! Look for "Clipping", & get a grasp on it's meaning. You will not harm the Cdm-1nt's with a few extra Denon wpc's. Your Avr-4802 is spec'd at 120 wpc, yet it will go to 168 wpc prior to clipping. The Bowers will eat up 170 wpc, 250wpc, & I have driven some with well over 600wpc's with no issues. They actually enjoy a steady diet of some real juice, they will really open up. In the words of a wise man... "Don't Worry, Be Happy", and don't loose any sleep over the speakers maximum power rating. As you will read you could actually damage them with too little power... Read On, Learn, & Enjoy!

Just to be safe, I would however duck for cover the first time you power up the Cdm-1nt's with the Avr-5803... I'm Only Kidding! ;0)~ Good Luck!
It's not a problem. In fact, you can damage speakers with too little power - because of distortion.

There is not too much of a noticeable difference until power is doubled - in the future, you might want to try a different brand of amp to really upgrade the sound. For music, going separate pre and power amp will give you a better performance. For movies, the denon is ok. Music sounds pretty good too, but for the next upgrade, I would add a dedicated music system, if you should desire a better sounding music setup.
Thanks Audiobugged, I have read on some of the threads by searching "too much power" where others have said that the more the better for the b&w's too. Thanks for the info about the amp section on my receivers...I didn't know this info! Thanks for the advice! Ben
There is no such thing as too much power, most times its is the amps fault when spEAkers blow, CLIPPING KILLS
Audiobugged, you answered my question also. I am getting a Monster 2250 power amp, and was thinking about B&W's. Thanks
Currently I use my system for about 50/50 music/movies, but I want it to sound the best whatever I do. I would be curious about any thoughts as to the addition of a preamp that has ht pass through as well as seperates for amplification. Would this be a good route to take if I even kept the 4802? I enjoy the DACs in the 5803 for movies, it is a definate improvement above the 4802...But when I am alone, all I use this system for is music. I have enjoyed the additional power of the 5803. It enables a larger soundstage. What other amps or preamps would you recomend, and would you stick with the 5803, or move on?
Alot of folks use pre-amps with HT bypass, mostly tube pre-amps seem to be desired (best of both worlds)
Gonglee is right. When low power amps go into 'clipping' - this happens when the output signal voltage is equal to the power supply voltage - this produces many high frequency harmonics which are routed to the Tweeter by the speakers' crossover, burning it out. It's a lot harder to clip a big amp - higher power supply voltages, etc. Your personal set of transducers would probably burn out first (time to turn down the volume once the bleeding starts) :>0 ;)
I would read a lot on hifi before putting in any more of that kind of money - you would end up with better sound for sure.

You can start here. Also is a good place for reviews of products.

If you really want good music, I would set up a dedicated 2-channel music system. For movies, your present system will do.

You might want to hear pre/power amps from makers like Krell, audio research, and mark levinson. I would buy them used however - you can get them here and other places like

This way, you will save a lot of money - also you can resell them without losing a lot if you don't like them.

Since you just got the 5803, I would just enjoy it for a while, before upgrading. Your wife will prabably agree. In the mean time, if you should desire a even better music system, I would try to hear as many systems in hifi shops as I can - before upgrading.

You can also chat alive on and ask questions.

Denon is not bad at all - I would have kept the 4802 for movies, and gotten a dedicated one for music - used to get more quality for the same money.

Welcome to this exciting hobby, but do read a lot before spending that kind of money - your ears will thank you.