Is a Clearaudio Universal too much tonearm for an Ambient TT?

Looking to upgrade my analog front end.  I'm currently using an Ambient TT and Clarify tonearm with a Concept MC cart.

The Ambient table has all the features of a current Clearaudio TT:  
Ceramic Magnetic Bearing
Outboard motor with synchro controller
Panzerholz/Aluminum plinth
VTA Lifter 2

It seems the Clarify tonearm and cart could use an upgrade.

It's often not necessary that the deck should worth more than the arm or visa versa. It's great deck that deserves great arm and great arm usually always makes sense and improves playback.
Universal arm means that it can be mounted to ANY deck and it has a capability to vary an effective length which is super 'triksy'. You will need to order preset arm with proper effective length if you don't want to jerk around it. I set-up similar caliber arms such as Dynavector DV505 which has all possible adjustment features.
To me fully adjustable arm can outperform any stock arm if and only if properly set up, but, nevertheless, Take a small look to linear air-bearing arms first. MG 1.2 can be purchased at fraction of Universal arm and also cheaper than your current. 
Share your thoughts after all