Is a Chord Qutest Dac my best option

I am relatively new to digital music, as in streaming Tidal etc and from my Antipodes Server. I have high end Pure Audio gear with a preamp and 2 x 60w Class A monoblocks and Monitor Audio Gold 5G 300 Speakers. I was recommended to Qutest Dac as a good option (and all I need to spend for great sound) and wondered what you experienced music lovers would make of this. Your advice/thoughts on this would be appreciated.
Qutest is excellent dac. The only weak point is flimsy 5v power input receptance. You have to be very careful not to damage it. 
+1 Qutest ... a very nice DAC that will likely have you evaluating the other system components ...
I like it too. It’s good lookin’. It’s good soundin’. And it’s just always on. Exactly what I wanted in a DAC. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it.
Really depends on your individual system and tastes.  What type of improvements are you looking for and what aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you?
I agree with siox statement which type of sound reproduction your looking for. I tried the Qutest and liked it very much but the RME adi-2 version 2 worked better in my system. I found the Qutest had a slightly better soundstage but the RME had better bass and was more natural, very transparent without being bright and more enjoyable. I did buy a Teddy Pardo outboard power supply which improved the soundstage. There are so many features you can do a lot with the RME. I did buy a Orchid but mostly listen to the RME.