Is a cdp unsuitable server that feeds Havana dac?

I've been thinking very hard whether to get the Mhdt Havana(found a good deal), since all the reviews i read about Havana were computer source systems. One way or the other i'm getting a dac cuz my entry level vincent cdp "only" has ok measurement, it does 24/96, it's got pretty good detail and dynamic but too thin and harsh in the treble, and i struggle to hear the bass. Mind you the sound has been tidied up several times better after i upgraded my SS amp to Plinius 8200 mkII, i got a pair of Elac floorstanders and they are quite revealing.
I'm worrying about the jitter issue though, i'm incliend to computer music sever in the "future" but for now I want my first Dac to work, I think i read it in one review CEC cdp was used as transport that feeds Havana and got good result. Yet so many suggestions that said NOS Dac doesn't do too well with jitter kind of worries me.
Has anyone been using Havana with cdp transport? and how do you improve the jitter problem with cdp? Anyone else with similiar system acheive more musical sound with Dac other than Havana?
Here's a list of Dacs I might like get a hold of:
mhdt havana
ps audio digital link III
stello da100
thanks in advance
Forget these. Go to ebay and get the VALAB DAC.

I dont selll them. Lik eyour Havana, it requires a low-jitter source, either a modded transport or a computer audio device.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio