Is a audiophila suicid to ship 150lbs overseas ?

Will it be a nightmare with high risk of vacuum tube breakages ?
The haulier will be airborne and not the "famous" UPS !
Would appreciate your experinece with delicate stuff shipped like a 150 lbs amp.
Dear Ad010685,

We ship our product regularly to foreign ports, using a variety of carriers including Airborne, with virtually no reports of damage on the receiving end. The largest single box we send weighs in at around 220 lbs.

Pass Labs
Consider BAX.
just shipped a 70 lb CJ amp to Singapore from Calif, only casualty was 1 output tube. would suggest you go the extra mile and overpack, it will add a few lbs to the package, but well worth eliminating shipping damage.
BUBBLE WRAP TUBES.Consider crating or paleting for very expensive gear.
Ditto on Weiserb. Overdue everyting as it beats that god-awful call from some fellow half-way around the globe. Insurance is good, too. so are wooded crates.
"Insurance is good, too. so are wooded crates". Unclejeff's statement here cannot be over stressed. You have to ship as it they will drop this package many times because they will.
Iwas thinking of shipping my too-hormonal 16 yr old 135 lb daughter to Alaska for awhile! Any really good carriers for "chilling out"?
Okay, Subar, you guru! Just to just to follow a bit along your tangential diversion, the best teenager chill out i know of is a set of matching headsets and seperate CD players...of Radshack quality........
Nice take Uncle!!!!!
I always use a wooden crate and surround heavy equipment on all sides with three inch square dense foam cubes. The cubes cost $30.00 for 300 of them and have never failed me. No cutting or shaping necessary-just make a foam floor, set the equipment in, and fill in the edges. Hey Subaruguru-just hold on for three years-with luck, your daughter will regain her sanity.
Mknowles16, where do you get the foam cubes?
I get them from a local supplier who bags them on an intermittent basis. Evidently, they are left over from a manufacturing process. If you or anyone is interested, I will drive by and pick up a set and forward them to you. You can send me e mail through Agon.
There is no reason to suspect that someone that loads stuff on and off a plane that is going overseas is going to do anything differently than if the plane is flying locally is there? International flights don't do sommersaults so far as I know. I certainly haven't experienced any difference.