Is a Audio Alchemy compatible with a Monarchy DIP?

I have a DDE V1.1 dac and was wondering if the DIP Upsampler from Monarchy would be compatible with it. I think the DDE V1.1 is a 16 bit dac but don't know for sure.
Also, if they are compatible would it worth the effort to purchase one as far as improving the sound?
If the DIP outputs an 88.2 or 96 khz signal as a result of upsampling then the DDE V1.1 will not be able to decode it.
Yes, as long as the DDE has coaxial or BNC/XLR inputs. The DIP Classic outputs 44,1 KHZ signal, and so do older DIPs the superDrive (coaxial and BNC outputs) and the original (coaxial and XLR). I have had excellent results with both the SuperDrive and the Upsampler, and highly recommend trying it out.