Is 8.7hz too low for tonearm/cart resonance?

This is all pretty new to me. In the past I just slapped on the cartridge willy nilly and made sure it aligned. Now I'm faced with this resonance thing.
My room is hardwood floors and the TT is somewhat suseptable to footfalls.
I'm no expert, but everything I've read over the years (and I've read a lot) indicates that the preferred range for tonearm/cartridge resonance is from 8 Hz to 11 Hz. So according to that, you should be okay. I'm not sure if your floor/footfall situation presents any problems.

I cannot find the chart I saw where???anyway, the range is below 20Hz.. too close to 20Hz or over and you will pick it up in the signal and amplfy it.. very bad. So stay well below 20Hz. Then you want it well above walking, footfalls etc, and that stuff is under 6Hz if I remember. so you want it over 6Hz. The median is like 12Hz, but a range in there is fine.
So if you are nearer the low end, I would want a good isolation of TT from floor.
(Just a note, if your closer to 20Hz then you may need a 'rumble filter" in the signal chain.)
8-11hz is optimal, you're fine.

If you know the effective mass of your tonearm, you can go to cartridgedb-dot-com and double check everything with the cartridge resonance evaluator there.
Dear Alun: +++++ " Now I'm faced with this resonance thing. " +++++

which the problem you have?, you don't say about.

+++++ " and the TT is somewhat suseptable to footfalls. " +++++

sorry if I don't understand very well with that statement: do you mean that you are hearing music as you walk in your room near the TT? that's the way you listening?

normaly I hear music at my chair listening position and seated. Who cares if you are seated that the TT is suseptable to footfalls anyway. ?????

Regards and enjoy the music,
Try to get some well solid support to TT may help.
Good point Raul, I am usually sitting however I have others in the house that walk around and this can cause "skipping" if walking near the table. I think this is more a matter of support though and not one of resonanace.
I'm in the middle of changing my arm. Moving from an ET2 to the 10.5" Jelco. The Jelco just seems so heavy that I'm a bit concerned thats all. I think I'll pull the trigger anyway. The arm looks really well made and a decent value that I don't think I can go wrong.