Is 7.1 a reality?

I am considering purchasing a new amp so that I can run 7.1. My pre-pro is a classe SSP30mkII which enables 7.1, but is anything recorded in 7.1, either movie or music? Is it worth purchasing an amp to do this, or is it a waster of money right now? Thanks.
Hi, Rob:

Several months ago, the Bryston newsletter (which they publish on their Web site) contained a short but interesting discussion between James Tanner (sort of the technical guru at Bryston) and Dennis Sands, one of the top recording engineers in Hollywood, who has been responsible for the sound tracks of a very large number of the major movies during the past 5 years.

The gist of the interview was that Hollywood is only now producing good quality 5.1 channel soundtracks, and has little or no interest in moving to 6.1, much less 7.1 channel sound. In the personal opinions of both Sands and Tanner, there is almost no reason to buy the expanded HT fo(see the lower article titled "Encode vs. Decode":rmats at this time, since there will be essentially no software for the foreseeable future.

Beyond that, James Tanner commented that only a small handful of homes have dedicated home theater rooms large enough to fully capitalize on the expanded formats.

So, unless you have a very large HT room, or simply want to be an "early adopter", there isn't much reason for rushing into 6.1 or 7.1 channel surround, and no reason whatsoever for 10.2 channel (at Tomlinson Holman has espoused).

For more info, here are links to articles on the Bryston web site that "tells it like it is":
1. (see the lower article titled "Encode vs. Decode")
2. (interview with Hollywood recording engineer Dennis Sands)
7.1 is interpolated from 5.1

I run 7.1 in my HT setup.

See it hear at Audiogon with pics.

Personally, I'm waiting for the new 19.5 recordings. But with all those speakers and subs around, I won't be able to get into the room!
Despite Thsalmon's tongue piercing cheek observation, if you are going to purchase the best quality av receiver for your budget get 7.1. I have 7.1 or 2 actually and it sounds great. I realize the 7.1 info is not a present reality but it will be and unless you want to keep flipping equipment why not go for it now. Virtually every high end AV mfg. offers the decoding. I built a room from scratch and wired it for 10.2. I hope to use the room for many years and asked myself why not when going to that expense anyway.
This is really not directed to or at any one. Please, believe me. As many of you who have children can testify, they seem to enjoy watching the same videos over and over, and through little choice of our own we become quite familiar with them. Your subject question put a line from "Babe" to mind, "Yes dear, for many pigs it's true". To answer your second question, IMHO it is a waste of money right now. May I suggest you consider an upgradeable plan, such as but not limited to mono amps. I belive you'll get more value putting your money where it will get the most use. Whether that's in the rest of your system or in investments, that's up to you. If the format ever truly becomes a reality, you can always add on.
Unsound makes a good point as far as buying amps. I wouldn't run out and buy full 7.1 if budget is in mind. I am using Proceed HPAs to run surrounds which have quick and good resale and I bought them here for a good price. On the other hand new av receivers offer this, can be upgraded and the high mfgrs. are all offering these features why avoid them. Also if your doing new contruction and running wire why not consider the future. Unsound we all appreciate your sensitivity, but the quote from Babe is appropriate.