is 4 meter speaker cable too long?

I am considering buying a four meter speaker cable from audience on the 'gon and wanted to know if the consensus is that if you don't need a cable that long then 4 meters is too long to use as a speaaker cable.

I would like a 3 meter cable so we are talking about 1 meter too much.

The downside here is there is no used audience cable for sale which is 3 meters long.

I would not be concerned about the length being 4 meters instead of 3 meters having any effect on performance.

Hi Michael,

Personally, I'd rather wait for the right deal to come along. 4 meters probably wouldn't sound much different than 3 meters, but why pay more for cable that you don't need. I'm sure a 3 meter run will pop up in the near future, just be ready when it does. Try placing a wanted ad. Whatever you do, don't coil the excess cable if you do buy the 4 meter run, as that will sound worse.

FWIW, I'm getting ready to list a 2.5 meter pair of Audience speaker soon as I get my a$$ in gear and get the photos, maybe tonight. Perhaps there is someone in a similar situation with a 3 meter pair, just waiting to get motivated to sell.
Try a wanted ad, sometimes they work, I know I've bought and sold through the wanted ads.

Good luck,
4m is OK.
With some amps(such as Macintosh) even 20m is OK
Buy the 4 meters. It`s not worth agonizing over & waiting for.
Check out

You'd be surprised how long a run you can have without it effecting anything. Basically, it's all about the guage and a solid connection. After that you're wasting your money.
Unless you're going to go with really short speaker cables (e.g., 1 metre), and long interconnects--in which case there might be some benefit--I wouldn't worry about using 4-metre cables.


What happens when you coil up extra cable?