Is 2hz/100khz better sound than 20/20?

Have SACD player with freq resp of 2hz-100hz (well outside human hearing,isn't it?) and the manual warns not to use (flip switch on rear of SACD)with commonplace 20hz/20khz amps like mine or bad things will happen. Do my Krell or Citation or Bryston amps really stand a chance of harm if I unleash the SACD? Will it sound differently or better? Is it just marketing? Please help,not tring to start a cable or dbt diatribe. "Just listen" advise won't be of tremendous help either. Thanks.
Contact your the manuf. of your amps. I did and was told that my amp actually had a much much broader freqency reponse but the 20 to 20 spec was given because that is an industry standard. You should check with the manuf. of your pre-amp and speakers as well.
I may just be jaded, but I think the warning is a sales pitch, to warn (promote) to audiophiles the "awesome bandwidth" of the SACD. I suspect that the material on the recording will not be any burden to the equipment at all. Real music cannot delve into the bandwidth extremes of 2 HZ or 100 KH, no matter what the technology is. I say trip the switch, play at low volume to assure there is not some RF or oscillating problems, and go for the test drive. I would be surprised if equipment in the class you are describing (any of the three!) run any risk at all from too much bandwidth from this piece or the music recorded within.
I heard that Sony smoked some high end amps in preparation for their chicago debut. They switched to a different brand. Just rumor. Didn't read it anywhere. I would ask Sony or your amp manufacturer to be safe. Does anyone know what Sony uses at their shows ?
Thanks guy, I wish others would join in as I think this is a legitamate area in that more copanies are mentioning sacd compatable and wide bandwidth.