Is 200 watts too much for an NHT AudioCenter One?

I'm running the B channel of an Adcom 2535 bridged (200 watts) to an NHT AudioCenter One (says 150 watts max on the back). The guy that repaired my amp said he thought this was too much, but he wasn't that familiar with NHT speakers. I know it would be too much for a set of cheap speakers, but I thought the NHT could handle is just fine. Anyone have any suggestions?
Easier to damage a speaker from clipping due to pushing an amp to hard, than from overdriving the speaker with clean power.
The Swamp Man is on the money. Im currently driving a Paradigm Cinema Series Center , rated at 100 watts , with a Classe 101 in mono , sending 300 Watts. And NHT's love power, so crank away !
I agree.

I've been using a 150wpc ATI AT1505 with five little NHT satellites for almost seven years now, and they've survived countless blastings of the opening battle in Lost In Space, Spinosaurus versus T-Rex in Jurassic Park III, and that badass gun battle in downtown LA in Heat.

Good clean power is better than pushing an amp into clipping. Be safe though.
Jays, I have been running a 2535 bridged to 200 just like yours to a NHT Super One for center channel for about 7 years now. No issues whatsoever. Enjoy the movies!
Ditto to what everyone else just posted. Run NHT's with clean power and they'll love it. Too LITTLE power is what'll REALLY destroy speakers.

Just make sure that the drivers aren't bottoming out when being pushed hard.
Im running a pair of JmLab 707S which are rated at 125wpc with a 200wpc amp. Havent destroyed them yet! :)
Thanks for all the responses! The speaker sounds great with the 200 watts ran to it, and doesn't seem to be anywhere near bottoming out. The NHT has really suprised me, I'm gonna have to find two fronts to match my center and SubOne now!