com·mon sense/ˌkämən ˈsens/noun
  1. good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.

log·ic/ˈläjik/See definitions in:AllTechnologyPhilosophynoun
  1. 1.reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.

So if those fuses are $2800, I wonder how much StereoTimes got paid for that ludicrous review.  There is no voracity or credibility left in the audio review arena.
"Just how many here went to the link I provided and listened to what the engineers at Yamaha found?" 
Yup here
  • He didn't say one fuse sounded better but that it sounded "different" in their Aventage line of AV receivers
  • He didn't say anything about $100 or $3,000 fuses sounding better than $2 fuses
  • He basically said they were trying different fuses so they would have multiple sources for production, so they were probably all $2 fuses
Not sure that I learned anything except that some people believe different fuses can change the sound of a Yamaha AV receiver based on what could arguably be called a blind listening test.