However if you want to live dangerously, and your circuit breaker is up to the job, you can always try to substitute a 13 amp fuse for a 3/5 amp one.

Yeah, we've covered why this idea and also the idea of "soldering a straight wire instead of a fuse" is a completely BAD idea in another thread.  The problem here is putting a 13A fuse in a preamp type device that normally has a 1-2A fuse.  The transformer and power supply may never pull 13A of current even if there is a short somewhere in the circuit.  This means that the device will not necessarily pop the main 15A house circuit breaker and will constantly be a current drain that can heat the device internals to a point where it can cause a fire.  That is the primary reason why fuses/circuit breakers need to be sized carefully.
I had a lot more respect for Clement Perry before it turns out he doesn't even know about directionality.

Probably never noticed the little strip of whatever stuck on the outside. We've got some stuff we could stick on there do the same thing, don't we, Frank? 😉
Check out The Emperor’s New Fuse. It’s comes with a can of compressed Audiophile Air.
If you hate the idea of fuses making a difference, then you can start directing that hate at Yamaha and fill up their in-boxes with bile and bad mouth their products online:
Cut to the 38:08 time setting and listen to what they found out.

This, in no way, justifies the ridiculous price of the aforementioned fuse, but that fuses do make a difference.

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  • "We've got some stuff we could stick on there do the same thing, don't we, Frank?"
Things are sounding mighty fine over here, MC. With the lights out, sometimes it is downright scary. Amazing what lowering the noise floor can do to an audio system.