Is 1990's equipment vintage?

I think so, apparently some few are upset at this definition, and think 1990's electronics are merely "used" or "out of production."
Ok, 1970 was 30 years from 2000, you have a benchmark of 30+ years. So, 1990's would just becoming vintage assuming you want to measure in years. Webster says "a period of origin or manufacture", 
My wife says 90’s is vintage... but she’s young and hot. 
^^ this post is worthless without puctures.

Let's distinguish between 'vintage' and old junk. Let's use 1990 as an arbitrary curt-off date.  This is by no means exhaustive, but this is some equipment I consider vintage, collectable, and worth restoring.
Any American-made tube gear - Vintage High-end.
Any separate components - Vintage  
Any Marantz receiver with a black glass, turquoise light tuner and 'Gyro-Touch tuning' - Vintage.
Pioneer, Kenwood, Sansui, receivers - Old Junk
Any Thorens, B&O, Dual or Higher-end Technics, Denon or JVC DD turntable - Vintage.
Pioneer. Kenwood (Except KD-500) BIC Turntable - Old Junk
Any Tandberg, Revox, TEAC, or Sony Reel-to-reel - Vintage 
Akai or Dokorder - Old Junk

There are way too many speakers to list, but certainly Large Advents, Dahlquist DQ-10, ADS, especially the 810, JBL (the bigger the better), Altec (15" woofer + horn), Klipsch, Quad, any LS3/5a, Harbeth, Spendor, are vintage loudspeakers. 

Feel free to add or be insulted. :-) 
Well, now we are arguing whether things are an antique or merely old. :-)

Bose 901's - OLD.

Come at me, bro.