is 17ls2 a good match?

I have VTL MB300's and an Adcom 7805 running into my Infinity Betas. I'm using an Onkyo pre-pro to connect my HT but I want to add a tube preamp for 2 channel listening. I'm very interested in a CJ 17ls2, but don't have any experience with tube preamps.
Any thoughts on this combination? Anyone ever used the CJ with the VTL and the Betas?
I can't help you with your specific question but I have owned the c-j 17ls2. It's a very good preamp with a nice rich sound. It is not as detailed as good newer preamps. This was c-j's first step away from the golden sound they were known for and it is definitely a change from the past but each generation of c-j preamps since then have moved a little further in that direction.

It does have a fairly high output impedance so your amp will have to have a 47k or higher input impedance.

Hope this helps.
Korykats, Why don't you try a VTL preamp? Instead of trying to find a preamp that has a nice synergy with your VTL amps, go with a preamp that the designer of your amps feels is a good match. If you're not happy with a VTL pre, then start the trial and error, or buying and selling, process.
I owned a 17LS2 from 2004 - 2009. Before that I had, in reverse order, a Pass Aleph P, 2 Bryston pre-amps and an Adcom pre-amp. I thought the 17LS2 was the best pre-amp I've ever owned.

When I had the 17LS2, I also used a CJ power amp. Yes, it still had the golden glow of CJ of yore, which is ultimately why I sold- wanted something a little more decisive. Moved to Rogue which compared to what I thought was excellent CJ gear, was a revelation with dynamics to spare. After 4 years of the Rogue, and a touch weary of worrying about tubes, I returned to solid state for the 1st time in nearly a decade

Do not hesitate, get an VTL pre-amp to match the VTL power amp. At this level of gear, you will want to match it correctly. Keep me posted & happy listening!