Is 11' distance from projector screen too close?

I have a room that is 11' 6" wall to wall and I wondered if anyone knew whether that was too short of a viewing distance to use a projector?

I was hoping I could use a smaller screen, say 90" and it wouldn't be too large or overpowering for the short viewing distance.

If anyone has knowledge about viewing distances using a projector or personal experience concerning this dilemma, please respond.

Thank You
Most LCD models will likely fire within that range, be careful to get a unit that vents towards front as your likely to be real close to rear wall so get one that either vents from side or from the lense face.
Check any model for its throw range and if you cant center the projector with screen make sure it has some lense shift ability aswell.
I have had 4 different models and still have one, I go about 11.5 from a 98in screen and love it. THX as noted above is more about spending money that common sense at times as they just want you to buy biggest screen you can, if you look close at what they say it can be a bit silly. Like I should be around I think 7ft from my screen and thats just too close,,,,,,,,,,,,its a good tool for the insecure though lol.
I can help you in any way if you want to contact me, and other google searched results for throw distance and light conditions are very handy to look into.
I have a Sony but I really think a stupid good model to buy would be the Panasonic 4ooo currently out as its $2k and pretty awesome all things told. I have had a couple Panasonics and even though I have a Sony now they rock.
I also have owned and like Mitsubishi and Epson models, all are good and dont cost a fortune, used you can pretty mush steal these on the cheap........just ask about bulb life and how many have been installed.
Write me if you need any help.
I have a 11.5 viewing distance with my Sony H10 which uses a special sony 'short throw' lens. Front venting. The screen it self is 108". It has little 'screen door' artifacts. I also have a '20' model but it is a back up for when the '10' goes down, which has not happened yet. The projector is ceiling mounted. While this technology is about ten years old, it still is okay. With the short distance I am not aware of any current 1080 units that are available. Let me know if you find one.
Wow short throw usually means less then that often times.
I bought a Sony VPL100 with less than 200 hours on original bulb for $750 and I couldnt pass it up for 1080p.
Between Sony Panasonic, Epson and Mitsubishi I see no reaosn to look at the Runco type overpriced models.
I once saw a short throw that could do 100in from around 2 ft away, crazy.
I want to thank everyone for their time and response.

I have an opportunity to purchase a new, in the box, Sony VPL-HW15 for about a grand less than anywhere I can find it on the net.

Just seriously concerned about the short distance and whether or not to pull the plug on the projector idea and go with my original idea, which was the LG Infinia 60PK950 Plasma.
Sedona take a look at this for that model

From everything you can see on this link it will work perfectly, it is well within its sweetspot of throw range.
Thanks for including your model as it made it easy to see this will work fantastic. You can go almost 1.5ft closer and still throw that screen size.