Is 11' distance from projector screen too close?

I have a room that is 11' 6" wall to wall and I wondered if anyone knew whether that was too short of a viewing distance to use a projector?

I was hoping I could use a smaller screen, say 90" and it wouldn't be too large or overpowering for the short viewing distance.

If anyone has knowledge about viewing distances using a projector or personal experience concerning this dilemma, please respond.

Thank You
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These should help:
You can try using the THX viewing distance calculator.

Keep in mind, though, that some people feel that the THX guidelines result in a screen size that's too large. I certainly wouldn't exceed the screen size recommended in the THX guidelines.

Another thing to factor in is the resolution of the "average" software you will be viewing. Large screens with near viewing distances might look great in high def, but it will make the resolution limits of standard def more perceptible, often unacceptably so.

Good luck.

It is a bit close and you would be wise to check if the projector can do it before committing.
Don't bother keying the link that wouldn't come up as a hyper-link. Use Byron's hyper-link, it's the same.
Most LCD models will likely fire within that range, be careful to get a unit that vents towards front as your likely to be real close to rear wall so get one that either vents from side or from the lense face.
Check any model for its throw range and if you cant center the projector with screen make sure it has some lense shift ability aswell.
I have had 4 different models and still have one, I go about 11.5 from a 98in screen and love it. THX as noted above is more about spending money that common sense at times as they just want you to buy biggest screen you can, if you look close at what they say it can be a bit silly. Like I should be around I think 7ft from my screen and thats just too close,,,,,,,,,,,,its a good tool for the insecure though lol.
I can help you in any way if you want to contact me, and other google searched results for throw distance and light conditions are very handy to look into.
I have a Sony but I really think a stupid good model to buy would be the Panasonic 4ooo currently out as its $2k and pretty awesome all things told. I have had a couple Panasonics and even though I have a Sony now they rock.
I also have owned and like Mitsubishi and Epson models, all are good and dont cost a fortune, used you can pretty mush steal these on the cheap........just ask about bulb life and how many have been installed.
Write me if you need any help.
I have a 11.5 viewing distance with my Sony H10 which uses a special sony 'short throw' lens. Front venting. The screen it self is 108". It has little 'screen door' artifacts. I also have a '20' model but it is a back up for when the '10' goes down, which has not happened yet. The projector is ceiling mounted. While this technology is about ten years old, it still is okay. With the short distance I am not aware of any current 1080 units that are available. Let me know if you find one.
Wow short throw usually means less then that often times.
I bought a Sony VPL100 with less than 200 hours on original bulb for $750 and I couldnt pass it up for 1080p.
Between Sony Panasonic, Epson and Mitsubishi I see no reaosn to look at the Runco type overpriced models.
I once saw a short throw that could do 100in from around 2 ft away, crazy.
I want to thank everyone for their time and response.

I have an opportunity to purchase a new, in the box, Sony VPL-HW15 for about a grand less than anywhere I can find it on the net.

Just seriously concerned about the short distance and whether or not to pull the plug on the projector idea and go with my original idea, which was the LG Infinia 60PK950 Plasma.
Sedona take a look at this for that model

From everything you can see on this link it will work perfectly, it is well within its sweetspot of throw range.
Thanks for including your model as it made it easy to see this will work fantastic. You can go almost 1.5ft closer and still throw that screen size.
And oh yeah PULL THE TRIGGER! Nobody ever says "I wish I had gone with the smaller Plasma" and once you experience the large image thrill for movies, sports, games, concerts or whatever your into you will have a big ole smile on your face thankful you went Projection!
That Sony is a sweet performer, has both vertical and horizontal manual lense shift and can throw from 6 to 30ft, at 1000 lumens its not gonna be ideal for the long throw ratios listed as it will lose some punch but keeping it on the close end will allow some low level to moderate lights to be on during viewing. Yuo will love this unit.
"Between Sony Panasonic, Epson and Mitsubishi I see no reason to look at the Runco type overpriced models".

When is the last time you saw a Runco? I just viewed an LED model over the weekend. None of the manufactures you have listed come remotely close to the image the Runco throws.

I do like the Sonys though. If spending over $2300, a JVC RS10 or HD250 is the best option.
I can see one in 12 minutes by driving to "The sound shop" in Canfield Oh or in an hour by going to "Audio Visions" in Strongsville Oh..... so lets not go there.
Nor should we pretend that their models trump the image of consumer based product lines I have listed, certainly not to any close extent their premium price would suggest.
They are not as reliable, cost more to buy, mantain and service, bulbs are overpriced and offer shorter life span aswell. You can easily get a good unit for around $2000 and for a bit more you can get a fantastic unit and still not come close to the extreme cost of a boutique unit from Runco,,,,,,,,they are a company who is rightfully in trouble IMO.
Projectors are something I know about, and Runco simply is not a value for what you get period.
Take a look at the Runco LightStyle LS-5 Projector, its entry level, has 1000 Lumens, manual zoom, focus and no Keystone or and it looks like a $800 budget Sony that sold about 6 years sells for $7000...WOW!
But you can get better and go all the way up to $250,000...yup a quarter of a million bucks...........NICE!
But dont worry you often cant buy these anyway unless its wrapped into a super premium HT room construction project because thats where the real money is. Selling these overpriced models are just iceing on a stale cake.
If you have to say "look what I spent: Runco is a great choice but dont think you will be walking circles around those who buy more cost friendly products from better known options, you will be the only one who feels that way. Oh and your dealer!
I did quite a bit of research and the Panasonic AE4000 was the best projector about 6 months ago ( in the 2000 to 5000 range) - not sure if it will throw as little as 11 ft but it kicks the butt of that Sony you are looking at - right out of the ball park
I dont know about it beating the pants off the Sony but as I noted above its a awesome unit for sure, the mock anamorphic mode while somewhat a cheaters feature will be desored by some who want the 235 experience.
From the throw range calculations it looks posible but your really on the brink of pushing it at that distance and desired size. But it vents in a way that makes it ideal for close to wall placement. So further investigation would be needed to see if the 4000 would indeead work but my gut says it will.
If my Sony dies or I get the itch the 4000 or the Epson 8700UB would likely be my choice if not something new I havent seen on my radar shows up. The Sony will thrill for sure as would these others mentioned, as always shopping needs to be looked at from the fact your never going to have a likely side by side comparison so its pointless to fuss over it.
I got dizzy everytime I upgraded projectors with specs, stats and reviews, never once did I regret a infomered purchase. You noted a fantastic price on the Sony so if its in the $1500 or less range go with it, if on the other hand its at the $2k mark do think about the 4000, the Epson and others you may enjoy aswell.
Like always feel free to ask a question here or private if you think I can help........would be glad to. Cheers
I agree the Runco gear is expensive and definitely above my budget.But I also won't pretend that it isn't superior either.The Runco Q750i LED Projector I viewed last weekend is well above the classes of the units you mention in price and picture quality. No videophile would place them even close either.The depth and black levels of the image is intense on one of these.Plus no bulbs to change.

Right now the JVCs and the Sony HW20 or VWPro1 are the best under $3000 new period! For just a hair over $3000 you can pick up a JVC RS40 3D new in the box. The poor little Panasonic has a on and off contrast well below that of the Sony or JVC and less than half the brightness at D65 calibrated. Again if you think any of the other units will're fooling yourself.

The Panasonic was considered the best under $2000. After the release of the Epson 8700 that no longer holds true. The Epson 8700 can be had for under 2 grand these days because JVC has pushed them out of the $2000 to $3000 range. It is the black level champion in this price range now.
It will fit, at very least, with any LCD projector with 2.1:1 throw ratio.
I had an old Optoma HD65, and that throw ratio fit in a room that was 12.5" deep, at the back wall, and fit on a 100" screen. You should be ok on 90" with most projector options, I presume.
If in doubt, simply go to, and go to the projection calculator for a given model (blue click on on left side of page).
Don't get an LG. Pretty bad all around.