Is 1080p via DirecTV

I've been wondering.. I realize that there are several possible broadcast formats with digital television, but since the ATSC digital television specification does not include 1080p as a part of the HDTV standard, how can satellite and cable providers now offer this resolution? Is it just marketing hype to ride on the coattails of Blu-ray?

By comparison, it would have been unheard of back in the days of NTSC for a broadcaster in North America to use anything but the then-standard 480i NTSC signal. Am I missing something here?
The last I read, Dish does do the 1080p on their premium channels.---The "last I read", was at avs; about 6 months ago.
The 1080 that I believe Direct TV offers is only for certian PPVs.
I think Mrderrick must have meant 1080p, because I think all DirecTV HD is at least 1080i. I do know they advertise the availability of 1080p, and the picture quality is particularly spectacular for some programs projected on our 100" screen. The signal has gone through a DVDO Edge video processor, but even without the Edge, the picture's pretty damn good, just not as spectacular.

PPV programming as well as a few other select programs are provided in 1080P. A call to DirecTV's customer service will answer you questions quickly & precise.
Now that you mention it, the "1080p" logo I have been seeing on the program guide does seem to be only for some of the PPV movies. Thanks for your responses.. -jz
As long as you have the Direct TV HD disc and HD box and subscribe to the HD -you will get 1080 HD
I have directv and a 1080P display and I am almost certain 1080p limited to (some) PPV and VOD titles. I haven't seen ay regular HD programming in 1080P.