Irving Bud Fried has died

I just read on another forum that Bud Fried has passed away. He will definetely be missed.
Could you provide any details? Thanks

Thanks for the news. I owned a few pairs of his speakes in my lifetime and he was always very nice when I either called him or met with him.

Happy Listening Bud, where ever you are!
Trelja would know this for sure since he recently joined Bud Fried's team.
Trelja is this true? Thanx.

I have a call into my dear friend, Dr. Jonathan Raines, who is CEO of Fried, and has taken a leading role in Bud's care of late. As such, I don't know what is going on at the moment. All I can say is that I sincerely hope this news is wrong. Bud was perhaps the most interesting person I have had the pleasure of becoming a friend of. I also consider him one of the sweetest and most generous.

Hopefully, we will know one way or another very soon. I promise to update the thread as soon as I know ANYTHING.
Very sad for all us transmission line fans. My Kinetics are based on the IMF line he used to rep, which also served as the basis for many of his own later Fried designs.
See this on 6moons:
Sadly, as I returned home, I have found a few messages on my machine from Fried, including Dr. Raines who is currently in San Francisco, that Bud Fried has passed away.

It is surely a sad day for audio. Again, Bud was one of the most interesting, delightful people I have ever had the honor of knowing - audio or otherwise. The man's legacy is beyond the comprehension of the most intelligent, passionate, and diehard audiophiles among us. There will never be anyone the likes of Bud again.

I am blessed to have been informed directly, and hopefully, anything I can do in manning the Philadelphia, PA area front, I will be thankful to help with. One thing I would like to do is thank all who send their well wishes our most profound thank you in this time of grief.

May God keep Bud Fried,
Joe Trelli
Joe- I'm sorry for your loss.
I am sorry to hear of Mr Fried's passing and offer my condolensces to all of his family, friends and loved one's. Hopefully, he's joined some of the other great audio innovators like Saul Marantz, Paul Klipsch, Henry Kloss, etc... that went before him into the "audio afterlife".

Fried's contributions to audio will not soon be forgotten, as he was probably the most vocal proponent of transmission line designs and series crossovers that audio has ever known. It is sad that he passed away just as many of the designs that he promoted are finally being recognized as being as beneficial to audio reproduction as he told us they were some 25 years ago. Then again, most "artists" aren't recognized for their talents until after they are gone. Hopefully, Bud will get the recognition that he deserved when the "history of audio" is written in the future. Sean
Dear Joe,
Sorry to hear of the loss of your good friend.
Be well and God bless,


I can recall as a teenager reading about Bud Fried's speakers and wanting to own a pair. I never actually got to hear a pair, which is clearly my loss. It is sad that many of the greats of audio have begun to pass on. It is my belief that this was the golden age and we won't see a scenario where such individuals are able to have as much influence for a long time to come. My condolences on your loss

My heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your friend.
Best wishes,
Thank you for all the well wishes! To say that Bud was a great man is a supreme understatement. Though most actually knew him better than I, I consider it a gift from God to have grown quite close to him as of late.

He is to the loudspeaker what Henry Ford, Enzo Ferrari, and Dr. Ferdinand Porsche are to the automobile. As Sean so wisely pointed out, Bud's legacy will hopefully live on for a very long time as the industry takes the art, science, and sonics of loudspeakers forward into the future.

Courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bud's obituary
truly one of the legends in audio, I met him once,nice man, smart guy. He will be missed
As stated above Joe,I am sorry to see a good man and clearly a leader leave us.Take care,Bob
I attended the funeral services this morning. Very nice, yet very somber. It was very cold and very rainy, just outside of Northeast Philadelphia. Seems like the sky has been crying here since Friday.

I sound like a broken record, but Bud was a unique and special human being. While I was very possibly the only audiophile in attendance, the talk of loudspeakers was the prime focus of the eulogy (along with fair Harvard), as that was the man's life's work. We are all so lucky that such a brilliant, passionate, and gifted individual dedicated his life to the relentless pursuit of improving the reproduction of music. Every time we listen to our systems, part of our enjoyment is directly attributable to Bud. Perhaps one of the few people in this world who a deep discussion of audio will take place at the services to celebrate their life.

I did cry a few tears during the service - so much of it hit home. His daughter and grandsons look amazingly like him. I was most happy that his dear wife, Jane, was able to attend.

Undoubtedly, there will never be another Bud Fried. I was honored to be able to attend today.
I just read the news of Bud Fried's passing and I am deeply saddened. I own a pair of Bud's speakers - the C3L and talked with Bud in the early 90s regarding suggestions and pointers on how to build my speakers. Bud was a joy to deal with - very passionate and extremely courteous. Bud will definitely be missed. I offer my condolences to Joe and Bud's family and I will think of Bud every time that I listen to his speakers.
I have a pair of Bud's Beta IV's. They are very interesting. Strangely, when I first got them the crossovers weren't even matched. I called the Fried factory and was told that the manufacturing had been farmed out to some set of wackos that seemed to be attempting to create thier own variation on Bud's work. I was sent the parts for the creation of Bud's Mars network, which was an improvement on what I had. I talked to Bud on the phone a few times during this and ended up with a few loooonnnggg conversations about where the research was going on the speakers.
Having installed the new crossovers and finding them an improvement, I pretty much lost touch with the Fried company until one of the speakers fell off it's stand and cracked the front faceplate on the tweeter. Since it was Delrin, nothing known to man will glue to it, however it was simple to push the pieces back together and screw it back on and it works fine-you can't even tell it was damaged since the dome was unhurt. However, I found that there is no support I know of for Bud's older products. The new company he formed was supposedly coming out with a new minimonitor like my beta's-for $3000. Odd since my beta's sounded great and only listed in 1998 for $500. I got mine as a demo pair for $329. Too bad you get so little speaker for that kind of money these days. I have gone out and listened to a lot of speakers trying to find replacements for the Frieds but haven't found much that I like. Maybe some tannoy system 15's (only $3700) will be my next speaker.
Your comments are not lost on me, I appreciate all input, as the goal is to serve the community at large, and being as involved as I am with the internet discussion forums and seeing myself as a true audiophile, I strive to be an advocate for the outside world. Everyone is free to say anything, and I can assure you, these comments will not fall on deaf ears, they go straight to the CEO - Dr. Jonathan Raines.

I believe when Bud initially retired long ago, quality took a serious step down. In fact, other mistakes, which I am aware of, took place. Eventually, the company folded. But, those of us who believe strongly in carrying on the legacy of all that Bud laid forth have resurrected Fried.

Personally, I have been pushing as hard as I can for us to reach downward towards a more accessible entry point for the loudspeakers, and feel strongly that the Beta should be reintroduced. I am thinking that the $750 - $1200 price point is where they would come in. Bud supported me in this. Dr. Raines does not want to cheapen the brand by making anything but the best we can make, and feels just as strongly that true transmission line loudspeakers is all that we should be manufacturing. The Beta was an aperiodically loaded loudspeaker, while excellent (another of Bud's great ideas, which he found to sound better than the sealed and ported versions tried), is no match for the TL (which Bud discovered, and then morphed the C/3 into the C/3L). The good news is that a compromise has been reached, and there will be a new minimonitor (with true transmission line midwoofer loading and series crossover - who else is doing that?!?), which you alluded to. The price will NOT be $3000, it will be $1750. My hope is that the parts, build, and finish quality will make most audiophiles happy.

Interestingly enough, a lot of people who have owned Frieds have an extremely tough time finding a speaker to replace them. A lot of other speakers simply will not satisfy a Fried owner. I have found myself in the same boat, and more than understand. Late last year, I was profoundly blessed to the point where Bud gave to me his own longtime reference loudspeakers (Valhalla System - C sats, but with 10" O subs not the 8" D subs, and everything tweaked to the max), believe me, I find them in many ways to be the finest speakers I have heard. Our goal is to finally provide such an alternative as it is past time for a lot of these speakers to be replaced - they have outlived their useful lifespans.

I am but a bit player, and have little to gain from "selling" speakers here or anywhere, my goal is to keep always the legacy of Bud as I honestly hold the man in my heart with the truest love and respect. While I do not call the shots, so long as they will have me at Fried, I will put forth the opinions of myself and all of us here to try to provide the community with the kind of product we all hope manufacturers will provide to us in the quest for, in Bud's own words, "The true reproduction of sound and music in the home."
Trelja (Joe),
My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you, God Bless.
It is saddening when we lose a wonderful person.
Surely, his great work, kindness & legacy will be remembered and carried on with us & later generations.