IRS Beta woofer column replacements?Help

I am unable to find a replacement for the control woofer that went out on my Infinity IRS Beta woofer column. So, I am looking to find something to replace the woofer columns, which which will blend with the midrange/tweeter panels of the Betas. Basically, I need a dynamic, stereo subwoofer. Any suggestions?
Where did you look for replacements -- dealers or driver manufacturers? Do you know who manufactured the drivers? If it's someone like SEAS, for instance, you can go direct for either replacements or recommended substitutes. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Beta's components but I just went through this drill stocking up on spare drivers for my no-longer-in-production SW800 towers (ten drivers) and becoming familar with substitutes in the event of the ultimate disaster.

You may have to do a little Telephone directory searching, but there's an outfit in California called "European Hi Tech". Infinity used to farm out the service of the higher-end speakers, and a friend of mine bought a set of new control woofers for his betas from them.

The name of the company and that they are located in California are all I know, practice you internet detective skills and get the goods!

Hope this helps,

Paul (3 pairs of RS1,s 1 pair IRS Beta, and growing!)
To Jim and Paul (alias "Beemer"): Your suggestions are sincerely appreciated. I will pursue the above-mentioned leads. Paul, thanks for the address of European Hi-Tech in Gardena, California. May your kindnesses be re-paid.