Iron Lung Jellyfish availability?

Where can I buy "Iron Lung Jellyfish" power cords now?

I got mine at the now-defunct

I need more please!
The guy that made the cords unfortunately passed away,I think last March.I guess you'll have to look for used,or start auditioning other brands.
I think I have actually read that they were rebranded hospital grade cords that can be bought in bulk, but not individually.
From reviewing the Iron Lung Jellyfish the cord looks like the grey and purple hospital power cords that are listed on auction sites like ebay. Why not just buy those and then if you are not happy with them as is find a place to cryo treat them? I've used these stock hosp power cords on digital sources, amps and I used one to replace the old power cord on one of my smaller isolation transformers. The cords are pretty versatile. My preference was using them on digital sources.
Try amazon:

These look the same and perhaps cryo treating would help.
Thank you all very much for your replies. I've been googling.

I think I found where the late Paul Grzybek purchased his Tube Audio Design Iron Lung Jellyfish power cables. I even thought of complicating my life by starting a business and buying them wholesale for resale. And stocking various plug types, ends, and lengths.

I think that, specifically, this
is the Jellyfish.
6' 14/3 15A
Wholesale only. I was quoted $10.65 for 100+, $12.17 for 50-99, and $14.20 for less than 50 ($50 minimum).

They can be ordered with various plug types
the "Jellyfish" had " NEMA 5-15P HOSPITAL GRADE CLEAR".

(If I was sure the performance would be the same, I'd personally prefer one with an angle or an LED.)

They can be ordered with various ends
the "Jellyfish" had "IEC-60320-C13 CLEAR".

(Frankly if I was sure the performance would be the same, I'd prefer the AUTO-LOCK one.)

They can be ordered with various gauges, lengths, and colors

I agree the Jellyfish looks a lot like this ten foot one (I just bought one myself; I wonder if it's manufactured the same place as the Quail cords.)

I see 6' and 10' versions of the Quail cord for sale at
(I see a 10% off coupon at )