iron audio mat

Has anyone tried the iron audio mat. Can you give me your impressions about the mat. Thanks
Dear friend: I use a metal mat: SAEC SS-300, ( btw the best metal mat out there ).
This is a " must " to any metal platter TT. It kills all resonances on a metal platters. Recomended.

Regards and enjoy the music.
The initiator of this thread did not ask about your turntable mat, rather the Iron Audio. Please stay on topic.
Is it still being made? If yes where can I buy it? How does it change the music as compared to a rubber mat? Thanks
Dear Couger: Unfortunatelly you only can buy second hand, it's out of production. Btw, I own three of them that I use in my TTs.

This metal mat outperforms any rubber/acrlyc mat.

It gives you: firm and clear low bass performance, " clean " high frecuencies ( you can feel that this frecuency range is more extended ), you can have less distortions all over the sound, so you can literally have " more clean music " , you can " see " through the music.

If you can find it use it along with the Basis clamp. Nothing comes close but the vaccum hold down record Audio technica mat.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Judy: I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm only trying to help to our friend.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Judy,lighten up!There are times when we can gain further insight,into a related subject,when the topic sways a bit.There are always those who will answer queries in a straight forward manner,but Raul is ALWAYS well intended,and sometimes brings a differing viewpoint that may be considered, by some open minded music lovers,which I'm sure you truly are. We may not always agree,but often,things are learned.That's a good thing,to me.Best regards!
The Iron Audio mat is made of acrylic, and it is indeed still being made, at least according to the Iron Audio website ( I have had no experience with it, but several months back I read what I remember as conflicting reviews of it--not surprising, as any tweak is going to have variable effects depending upon the system it's put into.
Do you still remember where you saw the reviews or have the link to it. Thanks
No, sorry, I don't remember, except that the reviews (some of them more in the nature of casual remarks than reviews) were on the web and that I found them by googling around.
are these threads not for the free-flowing and open exchange of ideas? it has always perplexed and intrigued me how this process so agitates some. i believe audiogon already moderates the threads. perhaps they are hiring--i cannot say.

that said, the age-old advice of stopping, breathing deeply and counting to ten really does work to derail rigid, judgemental, reactive thinking. that, and listening to some ben harper with a hot cup 'o decaf....
What Raul said. I just added the AT mat to my Micro Seiki turntable, replacing a pure copper platter. The build quality of this item is beyond my expectations for a "tweek" platter mat. It is solid, not too heavy, "dead" and precisely engineered. I wouldn't characterize the benefit as earth shattering, but it does improve playback. If it matters, the price is easy on the wallet. As Raul said, this item is out of production, so the challenge is finding one to buy. I have owned a few TTs, and looked at many platter mats. Most look like toys compared to the Audio Technica.
What a rediculous recommend, sounds like metal. Why you want Turntable for? CD is good enough...