iQSE ByBee on the ceiling

I already have 2 ByBee QSE , one under my CD/ DVD Player, one under my integrated amp.  Regarding my iQSE, I never really find a place that really improve the music.  I recently have find that iQSE can be use as room treatment on the floor, wall and ceiling.  I try it on the floor between speakers and listening chair, with surprise.  Then I move it up above at the ceiling.  On the next day, my music is much more with timber, depth, instrument separation, and great stability.  Have you ever experiement iQSE not inside or under a component, but into the room, walls, floor and ceiling, let me know your experience.  Thank you
"If you can hear a difference, then here is a difference."

Same effect with HFTs in different locations.
Great things can happen when you try new things, like using
products designated for one use in different settings.

Other ways to play with your room:  Do you experiment with using a Walker Talisman on carpet, ceilings, and furniture?    Wipe down your walls with anti-static spray?  Vacuum carpet in crisscross patterns?
Run an air ionizer in the room before listening sessions?
I don't think you're hearing a difference by how they are intended to work. They may be just breaking up sound waves?