iPod with Belkin's Tune Stage

I am thinking about getting the 80 GB Ipod and use Belkin's Tunestage II to wirelessly via bluetooth link to my main system.

The pro is that ipod itself becomes a remote which i find is very desirable with a screen.

However, I heard that the bluetooth will compress signal during the tranmission so I am worried about the audio quality tranmistted this way.

Anyone has experience with this Ipod/Tune Stage set up? I am doing this mainly to make it very simple for my wife to use the system. Thanks.
Here's my two cents: Get an iPod Universal Dock with the matching remote and a quality "3.5 mm jack to RCA cable" from Crystal or Kimber. Skip the preamp and plug the whole setup straight to your amplifier. You can control the volume, play, pause, and skip songs with the remote. The resultant sound is unbelievably good! If you have a receiver, just turn the receiver's volume pot all the way up and use the remote to control the level. Short of getting an Airport Extreme and a dedicated DAC, this is the best sound you can extract from an iPod.

If you like the remote with a screen, check out the Sonos system. the controller is awesome - like an ipod in use, but with a bigger screen and some dedicate buttons. Well designed and very high fidelity.