iPod to iTunes

Idiot that I am, I deleted all my iTunes music when I thought I was backing it up. It is all gone from both my computer and external HDD.

Is there current software to transfer my music on iPod back to my now empty iTunes? I am on the most current version of iTunes using a Classic iPod. Thank you.

An Embarrassed Neal
Check out the iPod or iPhone to MAC software at macroplant.com
Google them because AG won't allow to post a link.

I've not used it but being a Mac man it appeared legit.

If that doesn't work for you check out the forum at Computer Audiophile or the Mac forums. Either one of those will have a fix.

Good luck!

Follow these instructions (cut and paste to your browser)
yo! my macbook got stolen so i had to do the same thing. you have to download senuti (itunes backwards). i think its about $20. totally easy and total life saver.
Thanks to all.

I downloaded Phone to PC (formerly iPod to PC) from Macroplant. Its says download is free, but you can transfer only 10 songs before having to purchase, which I did for $25. Easy to use and worked flawlessly. Whew! Now I will properly back up.

I use a program called iPod liberator and it works great
Now only a partial idiot. Managed to back up my iTunes music to external HD but my iTunes Playlists apparently did not make it. What did I do wrong? I consolidated music, used iTunes media folder, but canot figure out why my Playlists were not copied.

Any ideas, comrades?

Thanks again.

I also needed to copy the user/Music/iTunes folder to the new machine
Happy to hear Macroplant worked. You'll want to ask your ? to one of the Mac users on the "PC audio" forum section on the AG forum. I just read several forum pages from Mac users who were real Mac savvy.

Good luck!
Just starting out with using ipod can someone tell me how to back-up itunes - using windows based pc to an external hard drive? Using my ipod classic with a wadia171

Here is your answer. I can attest that it works. Good luck.


txs Neal