iPod recommendations

My partner is wanting to get something that she can take on road trips and airplanes that will do mp3 for her own voice recordings as well as lossless format for music.

She has an iRiver for recording, but it will not do much in the way of playback.

Many thanks!
You can not beat iPod with free plug-ins and hundreds of accessories.
My Archos 504 has many features and accessories as well but I would not recommend it for Hi Quality playback (HiFi). I use it as TiVo to record Dish Network programing, WiFi - Internet and photo library on to go.
my wife and i replaced the car stereo systems to use an ipod as the source. we both have 80gb ipods as sources. if we go on a trip or want to listen at work, just take them out of the car. i also use an ipod touch that allows 16gb of music or a combination of applications, wifi connectivity to the network for internet access, games, and software to remote control a mac itunes server. the ipod touch is pretty versatile.
Thanks for the responses. Do not need the touch iPod -- too many costly features that we do not need (e.g. wireless Internet, videos).

Also, I read a number of very bad reviews of the version 6 80 GB model, but the nano 8G version will not hold much in the way of lossless ripped cd tracks.

Any further suggestions?

I have an 80 GB iPod classic which sounds fantastic with lossless files and Etymotic ER4P earphones. IMHO, that combo is real hifi sound, just with a different "tone" than my main system, at an overall price that is very affordable.

The early complaints about the iPod Classic (aka 6th generation) were mainly due to software issues, which have largely been remedied by a series of firmware updates (which I waited for before buying one). Mine is fantastic - beautiful screen, better sound than my 4th generation model had, and an unbeatable interface (which I still prefer to that on the iPod Touch/iPhone due to the physical click-wheel).

It's a personal thing I guess, but I prefer the Classic to the Nano. The Nano is just too small for me, and I find it hard to use the click-wheel since it's so small. The Classic is still small and light, but at least feels comfortable in my hand. There's also the fact that 4 or 8 GB is quite limiting when going with lossless files since you only get about 3 CD's to a gig with Apple Lossless.
..also, the Nano doesn't sound as good. I understand that it has a flash drive rather than a hard drive. The secret of the IPod is that you must use good earphones to really hear it. It is excellent
Thanks again for all the excellent responses! Looks like the 80G Classic is the way to go, since the firmware updates have resolved the problems I read about.

Any recommendations for headphones (rather than earphones)?
For comfort, portability, price and decent sound I've found the Sennheiser PX200 hard to beat. It doesn't provide the kind of isolation that earphones or closed headphones do so for plane travel I use the noise-cancelling version, the PXC250. I have a friend who likes the AKG K26P a lot, for the same reasons.