Ipod quality?

I have an Ipod Classic. I use Apple Lossless to burn cd's to it.
I only listen to this in my vehicle. (Alpine, ARC Audio, DynAudio)
I have never been able to get cd quality from the Ipod.
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help,
If you ripped CDs into Apple Lossless, they are CD quality.

I am not sure what you mean by never been able to get CD quality from the iPod. More explanations needed.
Make sure to turn off the "sound check" and "sound enhancer" settings. Also make sure the EQ is turned off.

Another issue in mobile audio is the output. To really get the best out of an iPod, you must use a dock that allows the digital signal to be the output, not the analog, which uses the internal DAC chip. Using a dock that allows the digital signal to be processed by an external DAC can make the iPod sound better than most consumer CD players. When done right, it sounds extremely good.

There are a few docks that allow this in a home system such as the Wadia and Onkyo. I also have a DAC that allows a direct digital connection with an iPod. As for such an item for mobile applications, I'm not sure what is available.

Hope this helps....
which dac that allow for direct direct digital connection.
do you have the onkyo model # that also connect digitally
So... ipod can actually sound good at home? I never tried becuase of the poor sq in the car.

What I mean by poor sq compared to cd is... it sounds compressed and lacks bass. Not that cd are all that... but they sound better in my situation.

I'm using a direct in ipod cable , not the usb adaptor. I'm not sure if the Alpine processes or the ipod...
Yup, an iPod can sound extremely good if done right. I use the Naim DAC with Apple Lossless files, and "how sweet it is". I understand some people's thoughts on Apple, but both OSX and iOS devices sound excellent when setup right and connected to good DACs. The iPad allows for "USB Digital Out" with the Apple "Camera Connection Kit". I'm not sure the iPhone works though.

The Naim DAC has a special cable that allows the raw digital signal. It is one sweet DAC. ;)
I fixed my problem in my vehicle audio system.... I picked up a Nakamichi CASSETTE TAPE with am/fm. TD-400

I SOUNDS WONDERFUL!!! CDs make good frisbees...